ADD Value Coaching provides ADHD coaching to adults and high school students. The vision of ADD Value Coaching is to support adults and high school students with ADHD to set goals, improve their executive function issues, to get more organised and to achieve positive outcomes in their life. Contact: Jennifer Blunden

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  ADHD & Chess   Our mission is to spread Chess practice for a therapeutic and educational purpose among people diagnosed with ADHD, as well as other groups with learning difficulties or special needs, such as Austism, Asperger syndrome and the elderly. We offer these groups different Chess based tools, specifically prepared to train and work directly stimulating certain cognitive abilities, such as concentration, memory, attention, spatial visualisation, abstract reasoning and making of decisions. The methodology developed also helps to generate healthy habits and adapts to the real abilities of the students. All this, contributing to encourage the interest in chess in society and reveal the values and benefits that chess represents. For any enquiries, please contact:

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Jeanette Williams, Building Biologist - Building Biology Sydney Jeanette is a certified Building Biologist, having undertaken her studies at the Australian College of Environmental Studies. Jeanette is also IICRC certified in Water Restoration. Since 2011 Jeanette has consulted to the largest Building Biology consultancy in Australia, and recently has begun to develop her own practice with Building Biology Sydney. As a Building Biologist Jeanette looks at the built environment, looking for environmental hazards that could potentially be implicated with chronic health issues. Building Biology encompasses mould and moisture, chemical exposure, water quality and the electrical environment. Much of Jeanette’s work has been in the field of mould and moisture, however the overlap between exposure to mould, chemicals and electromagnetic fields must always be considered. Increasingly indoor air quality assessments for residential and commercial buildings is forming a large body of her work. Jeanette has extensive field experience, assessing up to six properties every week in both residential and commercial settings. Using testing equipment, laboratory analysis, and visual inspection, along with taking an extensive history of the building and its occupants, enables a Building Biologist to ascertain the potential underlying issues and provide an action plan. A committee member of the Australasian Society...

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Jonathan and Monica Hassall are specialised ADHD and Executive Function coaches. We coach our clients face-to- face or via webinar platform (ZOOM) to support them reaching their goals or improve their performance in a variety of life areas; such as time management, sleep issues, motivation, relationships and productivity to name but a few. Together we can create strategies by understanding how ADHD works, what can be changed and coaching our clients “how”. As well as individual coaching, we offer a number of programs for clients of all ages. Parent as Coach is aimed at connecting with parents of children with ADHD to guide them how to provide the best environment and strategies for their children. The Couples Coach program focuses on re-establishing understanding, trust, and intimacy between couples where at least one person has ADHD. The Student program, suitable for high school and University students, is an on-demand, on-line program with a face to face component. Coming in 2019 is our “ Connect ADHD Group Coaching Program” . We work with our clients to create strategies, think clearly and function effectively in their environment.

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Louise Kissane - Founder of Earth School Earth School offers meditation, creativity and nature-based experiences to students and staff within the school system and to parents and children after school and in school holidays. Louise has been teaching children and teens for over 25 years in her role as a PD/H/PE teacher and is the mother of 2 young adults. The tools of meditation, creativity and time in nature offer us the opportunity to find balance, restore connection to ourselves, develop emotional awareness and resilience, reduce stress and anxiety levels, promoting calm and focus. All this supports us to grow and thrive as individuals within our families, communities and the wider world to which we belong. Louise offers workshops and classes for children, teenagers and adults Children, Teens and Families The Wellbeing Treasure Chest: An 8-week Meditation and Social/Emotional Learning Program for children. Strong Roots – Tall Trees: A 5 week social and emotional learning journey using creativity and meditation to integrate 5 foundational qualities of wellbeing for children in K-6. Family Trees is our full day program for parents and children that allow parents to experience the Strong Roots -Tall Trees program with their child and to support them...

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Francine Freedman ACC, Certified ADHD Coach Melbourne    Francine Freedman is a certified ADHD coach who helps those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) find their personal recipe for success.  She holds an AAC distinction from ADDCA and an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation. She graduated with a degree in finance from Washington University, a top business school in America.  She has worked on Wall Street, in high tech, and in education. Francine has been a certified ADHD coach for more than four years and has worked with over 500 clients in that time. She meets with clients face to face, online and over the phone.  Francine currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family.  

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From: Aunt Matilda From: Aunt Matilda is a service which sends parcels to children to help them get off screens and get outside where they can explore, play and roam in nature. Suitable for children 3 years and over, these parcels are curated according to a monthly theme, and all of the packaging is environmentally friendly. Aunt Matilda is passionate about seeing children be creative, imaginative and active, and these parcels help to facilitate that, offering monthly subscription services or one off purchases. Containing various games, activities and exciting items, they are sure to be fun and engaging for all children. Visit their website to enquire about getting your own child a parcel or to find out more about what From: Aunt Matilda does.  

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Gladstone Gymnastic coaches attended professional development training on Coaching Gymnasts with ADHD with ADHD Support Australia in January 2020 so can be considered an ADHD-friendly gym!  The Club operates from the Anna Turetschek Gymnastic Arena located at the PCYC Multi Purpose Sports Complex, 53 Yarroon St, Gladstone. Gladstone Gymnastics is a not for profit organisation and boasts over 700 square metres of space designed and built specifically for our Gymnastic programs. Our facility features a full size gymnastics floor, a vault runway, three high and three low beams, two sets of competition bars, three single rails, two sets of P-Bars, canopy rings, Pit Rings, numerous mushrooms for boys, FIG pommel, one pit bar and two strap bar rails, tumble track, as well as an in-ground trampoline with harnesses. In addition to all of this equipment the club also has hundreds of teaching aides including an in-ground pit, rope activity centre and that’s just part of what is on offer. Programs offered include: Kinder Gym General Gymnastics Women's & Men's Competitive Gymnastics Schools Program Adult Classes

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Go Mad Music offers speciality ADHD drum lessons for all ages in and around the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  Established in 2013 as part of a Bachelors of Music degree, the Go Mad Drumming method has continually been growing over the years with Lee, the head tutor and founder. Lee then went on to complete a Masters in Applied Psychology with a focus on ADHD to further his knowledge and expand the course material. Today a travel drum kit makes lessons from the comforting environment of your own home possible, and studio options are also available for lessons on a traditional acoustic setup. Each lesson is approached individually to what the students learning requirements are. Music should be available to all and Go Mad makes sure everyone has the opportunity to have fun learning the drums! Visit the Go Mad Music website for more information and contact Lee to book a trial lesson. 

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The Padarin Health Team:   Helen Padarin Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, MAPS Practitioner, Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach Helen specialises in helping with chronic conditions from autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, ASD and ADHD, all of which have many overlapping underlying factors. Helen utilises dietary intervention, naturopathic solutions and a biomedical approach for the effective treatment of these conditions. A Naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist and author, Helen has been in clinical practice since 2001.  She works from one of Sydney's most highly regarded integrated medical centres along with GP's, a paediatrician and other practitioners.   Since 2011 Helen has been a regular presenter and ambassador for the Mindd Foundation and has presented for Health Masters Live and ACNEM, providing post-graduate education for GP’s, naturopaths, nutritionists and other health care professionals. Helen holds a bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Naturopathy), advanced diplomas in nutrition, herbal medicine and massage and has completed extensive post-graduate training in treatment for metabolic, neurologic, digestive and immune disorders. Book your consult with Helen here: Pip Smith Naturopath & Nutritionist Pip found her own children were suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities and a myriad of health concerns from a very young age. This led her on a wellness journey...

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  Leonie Reisberg, Director Kidslink Kidslink has been running for almost 17 years. It is a social/emotional program for children and teens who are struggling to find a comfortable place socially for themselves at school and in the world at large. Children and teens come to Kidslink and join a small (4-6) group of peers that meets once a week along the school calendar. In the group they experience sharing, connecting and having fun alongside learning "how it happens" We use a variety of modalities so that it's not boring and addresses different styles of learning. Children and teens give each other constructive feedback about behaviours in the group and receive modelling and encouragement from the therapist to try new ways that will work better for them. We find that there is an increase of self esteem, an increase in enjoyment in their life and a new skill set that they can take out into the world.

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Contact: Elly Smith Compounding is the art and science of preparing and making customised medicines. A compounded medication is made from scratch to an exact strength and dosage form to help improve a patient’s treatment outcome. Kingsway Compounding is a purpose built, state-of-the-art clean room facility. We are a dedicated compounding pharmacy, which accommodates multiple clean rooms, that cater for nutritional compounding, bio-identical hormones (HRT) and sterile aseptic compounds. Our technology enables us to constantly monitor our clean rooms at the optimum temperature, pressure and humidity. Kingsway Compounding is also Australia’s first ISO 9001 accredited compounding pharmacy. This global accreditation ensures our quality standards are always kept in the provision of customised, tailer-made medicines.

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We’re people that have been there; in the bathroom, the doctor’s office, the hospital. Mothers, fathers, nutritionists and researchers. People who have gut health issues and a that help those with gut health issues. We make the products and programs we want and need. The products we give to our family and friends. From our family to yours, we’re here to change culture with our cultures.

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Little Tradies   At Little Tradies we think trades people are great and we believe play an important role in our economy and our society. We provide an innovative, fun and exciting framework for children from the ages of 5 to 12 years old.    Our practical activities help children to experience how things work, move and fit together and focus - enabling them to be hands on with the equipment, learn safety techniques, sharing with their peers, builds self-confidence and the ability to face new challenges.    At Little Tradies children will develop problem solving skills when exploring and discussing design solutions. Furthermore, the activities also include: caring for their equipment and tools, cleaning and tidying up their work space.   Children will show their work and more importantly, do the work, and learn to explain their finished product and processes involved. Using a variety of active learning methodologies, including Project Based Learning (PBL), Experiential Learning, and Learning by Design, Little Tradies kids will learn in a dynamic and experiential way to really challenge their thinking.   Little Tradies core tenets are: Sensorial: these activities encourage curiosity, experience and experimentation with tactile, visual perception, which includes touch, sound and smell.  Language: Language skills enhances auditory sensorial with...

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Mark Brandtman - Brandtman Educational Consulting Pty Ltd Educational Consultant, ADHD Coach & MentorAssisting adults, children and their families with the effective management of ADHD.  

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Martial Methods is a specialised martial arts program developed for children aged 3-18 which utilises the disciplines of martial arts to facilitate children’s development. Martial Methods is an evidence-based martial arts program developed by occupational therapists and martial arts specialist to combine the best of both worlds. The systematic influence of meditation, rhythmic breathing and relaxation generate skills helping with self-regulation and behavioural control. Children learn to “stop”, “wait”, “think” and then “do”, incorporating notions of mindfulness and assisting in their development of self-control. Children must adhere to group etiquette and receive constant group reinforcement to “do your best” whilst also receiving mutual help and feedback from coaches, encouraging self-assessment of their performance and behaviour. Research from the University of Sydney has found that Martial Methods differs from other physical activities in their effect on children. Martial Methods is proven by years of consistent research to improve classroom performance and playground behaviour in participating children, this being widely recognised by parents and educators as well.

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MissAdventure MissAdventure is a movement for girls to inspire them into the world of action sports, adventure and the outdoors so that they learn firsthand that their bodies are so much more than just what they look like, that they are capable, strong and resilient. The idea is that by instilling the spirit of adventure early, MissAdventure can empower girls to carry themselves through the storm of adolescence, help them navigate the vicious culture of comparison on social media and teach them intrinsic self worth in what at times can feel like an increasingly superficial world.

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Nature Play SA In a short period of time, childhood has evolved into something most of us wouldn’t recognise. If we pause, our own experience of childhood is likely to look very different to that of our children. A number of societal changes have combined to brew the perfect storm. We lead busy lives. As working parents, we look to structured activities and new technologies to help us manage our time. Backyards have been reduced to courtyards and there’s a growing fear for our children’s safety. While it may feel like we’re making gains, what we’ve lost is the space to play. To create, imagine and be bored. To spend time in nature, engaging all of our senses, socialise and, most importantly, learn. Current research is telling us that our children are not as happy, healthy or emotionally resilient as they once were. Language and physical delays are on the rise, as well as growing uncertainty amongst our children when they spend time in the natural world – something that should bring joy, calmness, clarity and freedom. Nature Play SA are a small team that works hard to empower parents, educators and our broader community with the knowledge to bring...

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  Scouts Australia provides fun youth development activities, building resilient and confident boys and girls aged 5-25 in the Joey Scout, Cub Scout, Scout, Venturer Scout and Rover Scout Sections.  We also welcome adult volunteer Scout Leaders.  Scouts have opportunities for the whole family to be involved.  Everyone is welcome, and we value the diversity of our members.  

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Sense Rugby Sense Rugby was founded in October 2015 by Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Carlien Parahi and Australian Rugby Sevens Olympian, Jesse Parahi. Autism Spectrum Disorder ADHD Down Syndrome Dyspraxia Sensory Processing difficulties Emotional Regulation difficulties Behavioural difficulties Gross motor delays Fine motor delays Learning difficulties Resistance, avoidance or an issue with confidence when it comes to sport Differences in social skills Some of the goals families have when they join a Sense Rugby program include for their kids to: Have fun! Develop their confidence and self-esteem Find a regular activity that can be their own Learn a new skill that gives them a great community to belong to for life Find a way to get the movement they seek in an appropriate environment Make friends Learn how to follow instructions, wait their turn and be part of a group Learn how to manage their emotions Improve their ability to self-regulate ..and many more! Sense Rugby has a few key values that help us help kids. We always have an experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist that works with trained rugby players to help the kids to achieve success. We utilise a child’s strengths and their motivation to help them to participate and we focus on creating...

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  The Sisterhood has been created by Stacey Kypri with the sole purpose of empowering young women, using the art of manifestation.

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Streetwork StreetWork is a non-denominational, for-purpose, community organisation working with 'at risk' young people affected by crime, mental health issues, violence, destructive relationships, social isolation, homelessness, those disengaged from school or with poor employment opportunities and those impacted by alcohol and substance abuse, to turn their lives around. At StreetWork we seek to give 'at risk' young people the same opportunities as their peers .. that is to grow, to achieve their dreams and to develop as a person with high self esteem. Our flagship program, is a one-on-one mentoring which we call KickStart, which aims to break the cycle of destructive behaviours and help them turn their lives around.

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Tammi Kirkness is a Life Coach who specialises in working with women who are overwhelmed, over-it and at risk of burn out. For those who are ready to up-level their lives, she works holistically to help them find peace and the best possible balance. Having worked previously as a Clinician in the UK with children with ADHD, she brings her knowledge now to the coaching space in working with their parents to help them feel grounded, content and in control. Tammi uses a mix of traditional coaching methodology, eastern energy healing techniques, EFT, her corporate background, and psychology and business degree to help her clients re-energise and reach their full potential. She has a special interest in working to help women manage perfectionism, high functioning anxiety and facilitating the enhancement of self-love in their daily practices.

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