ADHD Support Australia is run and organised by a single person – imagine what could be achieved with a few more hands on deck!  
My BIG vision for ADHD Support Australia is to reach and serve as many people with ADHD as possible!
That’s where you come in …
Whether you’ve got 30 minutes or 3 hours to spare, see how you can help ADHD Support Australia to realise it’s vision!
If you’d like to raise your hand and get involved, your contribution, however small, will be highly valued and I’d be sincerely grateful to you for your support and generosity.   
As a small social enterprise, any help you provide will make a very real and noticeable impact on my ability to reach and serve more people with ADHD. 
Here are some ways you can contribute: 


Knowledge or Skills

You may have a skill/knowledge you can contribute.

Something that takes you a few minutes could take someone without your skills many hours, days or weeks to complete!

If you have skills or knowledge to share, I’d love you to gift me anything from an hour or so upwards to help us me with special projects I’m working on.


I’d love your help with

• Website/IT
• Digital automation
• Online course creation
• Graphic Design
• Marketing & Promotion
• Social Media Management
• Events Management & Support
• Newsletter compilation/editing
• Guest article writer
• Data entry for ADHD Directory
• Videographer/Video Editor
• Photographer
• Fundraising



Are you a uni or TAFE student looking to add voluntary work experience to your resume? Your skills could be valuable to me and can give you real world experience that looks great on your resume!



Are you able to donate experiences or prizes for us to raffle or auction at fundraising events?

Maybe your organisation is in a position to donate equipment, supplies or skills that would help our organisation no end?

Pittwater RSL has previously supported ADHD Support Australia by providing complimentary use of one of their venues – for which I am so very grateful.



I’d love to hear your ideas on ways to support or improve the services we on offer – so share away!

If you would like to support me in one or more of these ways, please email your ideas to:

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