The Dalwood Spilstead Service provides multidisciplinary health, education and support services for vulnerable families. They also offer help to those who are in stress or experiencing difficulties in the care and parenting of their children in the early years. The Dalwood Spilstead Model is unique in its ability. It provides a holistic and integrated approach to the needs of vulnerable families and “at risk” children. All services for both parents and children are provided under one service umbrella and from the one team. This enables maximum engagement with families and ensures optimal co-ordination and consistency of service delivery. ​The service is currently available to 90 families, with all families being offered access to an extensive range of programs from which they can design their own service plan ​Referral to the service is through a health professional.        

 Family Support /  Sydney

Dr Sarah Wilkes-Gillan - Paediatric Occupational Therapy Sydney Dr Sarah Wilkes-Gillan PhD; BAppSc(OT)Hons, is an occupational therapist who specialises in helping children with ADHD develop their social, play and friendship skills. She is passionate about helping children improve these skills. Sarah can help them form positive connections with their peers, parents, siblings and teachers. She will also help them participate in all aspects of their school setting. Sarah provides intervention to children in their homes and schools (and online). She will tailor the intervention provided based on the latest research evidence, your child's needs and family circumstances. Sarah also works at the University of Sydney. She has spent over 10 years researching the play and social skills of children with ADHD and how parents and peers can support children in developing these important life skills. She also offers consultations, where parents can ask general questions about ADHD, where goals for your child and family can be discussed and where Sarah can direct you to services and professionals who can assist you further.

 Occupational Therapist /  Sydney

Dr Sarinda de Silva MBBCh BAO (Hons) (Ireland), FRANZCP is an Australian trained consultant psychiatrist and fellow of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He completed his undergraduate medical training at the Royal of College of Surgeons in Ireland and has worked as a doctor in Australia & Singapore. He currently works in full time private practice at the St.Leonard's clinic in Sydney. There, he offers appointments at their consulting suites. He is passionate about treating Adult ADHD and is a member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association. Dr de Silva has experience in the field of adult psychiatry for over 10 years. He previously worked in the North Sydney Central Coast public hospitals. For referrals please arrange for a GP to fax a referral first to 9433 3572. Contact Northside Consulting Suites after on: (02) 9433 3707 to follow up on the outcome of the referral    

 Psychiatrist /  Sydney

Go-Kan-Ryu Karate (GKR) is a traditional Japanese style of karate. GKR was founded by Robert Sullivan in Adelaide, South Australia. Robert first began training in the art of karate in 1964. He spent time training and teaching in both Japan and the USA before establishing GKR in 1984. GKR Karate is taught in a non-contact environment and promotes both character and physical development. GKR is a club for all ages and promotes self-defence, fitness, coordination, discipline, confidence and stress relief. People of all walks of life can train together and learn the art of karate in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Check out their Facebook page here

 Kids & Teens Activities /  Sydney

PEERS Australia (Programme for the Education & Enrichment of Relational Skills) Our focus is upon developing strengths-based approaches for individuals with autism, ADHD and other social challenges, that optimise individual capacities and create a more equitable and inclusive Australia. Our goals are to engage in best practice and to scale systemic change, as well as forge pathways for debate, collaboration and innovation. To address our vision, we need valuable expertise, inclusive research collaboration, engagement with all stakeholders, including families, service providers, educators, and research specialists and importantly, we need influence to sustain solutions and create mechanisms for a strategic shift. Director of PEERS Australia: Beverley Witherington ADHD Support Australia offer a PEERS Social Skills Program for Adolescents & Young Adults

 Social Skills /  Sydney

Sydney Equine Assisted Learning (SydneyEAL), offers a range of therapeutic and educational activities involving horses. Click here for a video to learn more We provide both Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions (Eagala Model -EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning Programs (EAL). It is a therapy that involves working with horses, to help humans. We now offer animal assisted therapy including puppy assisted therapy as well. EAP sessions include the support of a qualified counsellor, as is required for the EAGALA Model. Equine Assisted Learning Programmes are designed around learning and are delivered in an educational setting, without the inclusion of a Mental Heath professional. ​Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can be very beneficial when working with clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress. It can help people with intellectual or physical disability too. As there is no riding involved with EAP, everyone, regardless of ability is able to participate. SydneyEAL pride ourselves on delivering a holistic, professional service and provide an inclusive, safe environment, where all participants can be free to interact with the horses. To ensure your safety we hold Public Liability Insurance. All of our facilitators hold a current Working with Children's Check, a NSW criminal History check and...

 Kids & Teens Activities /  Sydney

The Kidman Centre The Kidman Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the understanding, prevention and reduction of mental health problems in young people aged five to 25, so that they can thrive through their formative years. We undertake ‘real world’ research to both validate and improve the evidence-based mental health treatments available to young people. We know that getting evidence-based psychological support to young people early is the key to preventing the onset of more complex mental health problems down the track.  

 Mental Health Support Services /  Sydney

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