I’m Vivian, the Founder of ADHD Support Australia



You’re probably here because you have a child or children with challenging behavious, ADHD (or suspected ADHD), and you’re looking for guidance and support for how to bring out the best in your child/ren.


You may feel overwhelmed, confused or isolated or your life may seem out of control.

I can help. 


I offer two online courses which both provide you with a solid foundation from which to understand ADHD and better navigate family life.

Both courses offer the same content, but the Interactive course includes the additional support from 6 weekly 1 hour group Zoom calls.  


The courses are suitable for parents/carers of both ADHD children & teens and indeed anyone seeking a better understanding of children with ADHD, including teachers.


The course goal is to inform and empower you to work together with your child to handle the challenges that come with ADHD by offering practical, workable strategies that will make a difference in the lives of all family members.


ADHD is definitely not caused by poor parenting!


BUT … specific ADHD parent training can help improve symptoms for your child, your parental stress and your family life in general, and this course provides in-depth parent training.


The more informed you are about ADHD and the strategies and tools that work, the more you’re able to alter your perspective on your child’s challenging behaviour and establish a more positive relationship with your child.


Your thoughts and awareness about ADHD really can change your child’s behaviour, their life and your family’s reality.

Enrol in the ‘Parenting Children with ADHD’ 6-week ONLINE Course of Your Choice

The Interactive 6-week on-line course, including 6 weekly group Zoom calls & private Facebook group, runs each term.


While the Start Anytime course is a 6-week on-line content-only course (no group calls or Facebook group) runs throughout the year providing access to start whenever you wish. 




How will this parenting course help me?

The course has been developed specifically for those parenting children with ADHD.

The goal is to inform and empower you to work with your child to cope with the many challenges of ADHD brings by guiding you through practical, workable strategies that will make a difference in the lives of all family members.

In the Interactive course, the course environment promotes engagement through non-judgment, empathy and acceptance. Plenty of time is allowed to share home practice exercises.

You’ll find greater empathy & understanding for your child’s perspective and with effective strategies on board you’ll increase confidence in your parenting skills.

The most beautiful outcome of the course you’ll find is the solidarity and support fostered between you when you share your personal experiences, offering you the hope of on-going support on your parenting journey.



  • Become informed & empowered to work together with your child to overcome ADHD challenges whilst championing their strengths
  • Understand how to build self-esteem through focussing on fostering a growth mindset in your child
  • Learn how to work collaboratively & proactively for effective problem-solving with your child
  • Learn practical parenting strategies vital to success with your child
  • Create improved family routines & relationships
  • Understand the importance of effective self-care
  • Learn how to optimise Sleep
  • Understand more about medications/treatments/supports
  • Successfully advocate for your child at school
  • Increase your ADHD parenting skills and confidence
  • Decrease stress, create a calmer home life &
  • Increase parenting confidence


In the Interactive course you’ll enjoy…

  • 1 hour/week of online group support for 6 weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook forum exclusive to the group
  • Connecting with me & other parents on a similar journey
  • A positive course environment which promotes engagement through non-judgment, empathy and acceptance.
  • Weekly home practice exercises to experiment with strategies and discuss at our weekly Zoom call
  • A beautiful outcome of the course is the solidarity and support fostered between parents in the course when you share your personal experiences together.


When you enrol in The Start Anytime 6-week course you can START TODAY or at any time convenient to you.

The Interactive 6-week course runs every term throughout the year so please check when the next one begins.



About Me

I’m Vivian, the Founder & Organiser of ADHD Support Australia (established in 2013) and I began facilitating the popular Parenting Children with ADHD 6-week course in-person in 2015. I created this online version in 2019 to allow more parents to access the course.

I’m an ADDCA trained ADHD Coach, certified PEERS Social Skills for Young Adults/Teens program provider, Certified Tech Addiction & Digital Health Educator (NIDHW), qualified teacher, former Raise mentor, Mental Health First Aider, Lifeline Accidental Counsellor & most importantly, an experienced ADHD mum recently diagnosed with ADHD myself!

I’ve navigated my way through the past 26 years with an ADHD child, teen and now young adult, who has also been challenged with many co-morbid learning and mental health issues, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, gut issues, coeliac disease and a host of food intolerances. My experience thus spans far more than ADHD alone and encompasses both traditional and holistic modalities.

The evidence-base for the course is based on a course created by The Institute of Family Practice. However, I’ve added a great deal of information from my own lived experience over the years, from the 130+ expert talks I’ve organised and other training I’ve undertaken, such as the Dr Ross Greene Advanced 2-day training course.


Parenting Course Testimonials


Parent Course Attendee


Thank you so much for running the course. I think it was great and I got so much out of it. I wish it were still going! I don't have any suggestions for improvements, as I found it all so informative and helpful. So thank you again!



Thank you so very much for your course. I can’t tell you how helpful I found it – I have gained lots of resources and tips and I feel better armed.



A wonderful and highly informed lady helping to educate parents about ADHD. Well worth attending one of her parenting groups, especially if you are just learning about it.



Despite many years of psychologists and Google research I hadn’t been able to find really tangible action advice on how to parent my ADHD stepson until I came across Vivian’s parenting workshop. The course was invaluable because it explained the disorder simply and with great insight but then went through the various facets with actual plans for what to do and why it works. I’ve implemented many of the ideas, which have shown very positive results, and importantly learnt what not to do and how what I was doing was often exacerbating the problem. The group forum was highly supportive and being able to discuss specific situations with others in similar positions also enhanced the learning whilst reassuring me I was not alone! In so many years of research this has been the most helpful and I am so grateful for the visible results in my stepson and also in our relationship thanks to this course. The takeaway booklets are an ongoing reference and reminder that I still use. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, this course is a life-changer.



I learnt lots of new and relevant information on the course but it also cemented my existing knowledge on ADHD. Vivian is very knowledgeable and breaks down the information in an easy to digest way using her relaxed and fun approach to teaching. It was also lovely to meet other mums in similar situations to share stories and brain-storm problems. I would highly recommend.



When I didn’t know what to do next or where to go, I found your parenting course and I could relax knowing I was gaining the knowledge I needed to travel this unexpected road with my family. 100% open minded with regards to medication I have never felt any judgement only support and encouragement to keep trying. Meeting other parents who understand has been invaluable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vivian.


A good basic comprehensive course. It was great to meet other parents and be able to learn together, share information and experiences. Lots of reliable source of information and useful material. Thank you very much Vivian!


It was great to get together with other families going through similar issues and discuss strategies in a supportive network. I gained ideas to support our family and optimize everyone’s wellbeing.


I have found ADHD Support Australia so helpful. The parenting course, the speakers, the special events and the website have been great resources. It has also been wonderful to connect with other people in the ADHD community. Vivian is so knowledgeable and helpful and caring. I consider myself very fortunate to have found this group and that it is on the Northern Beaches!

Parenting Workshop Attendee

As a parent with a newly diagnosed 6 y/o I can't express how useful the 4 hour Parenting Workshop was. I took so much away from the day, I still have so much to learn but this has really given me some clarity, a broad understanding of what we are dealing with, what we can do to support our family, where to get more information and importantly that we are not alone! Thank you so much Vivian - your commitment is commendable and the sharing of your knowledge and lived experience is invaluable! I cant thank you enough.

Parenting Workshop Attendee

Vivian's ADHD Parenting Workshop was the first I'd completed since our diagnosis and it helped clarify that my son isn't naughty or disobedient. That there is something preventing him and we need to help him express himself. The information provided gave us a great understanding that as a whole family we need to adapt and put strategies into place to help my son and our world. Vivian's information and experience showed us that we can work through this, overcome it and create the practices my son needs.

Parenting Workshop Attendee

This was my first time attending any sort of information session on ADHD and I found it so informative. There was so much to learn and really comforting to know we are not alone on this challenging journey.


This was an amazing course for parents who have a child with ADHD. The info and study is very clear and simple to understand. I highly recommend this course to any parent who has a child with ADHD.


This course provides good, easy understanding of all topics related to ADHD for parents, teachers and other family members as a new learner.


An extremely well thought-out, practical guide for parents who will benefit from the hundreds (and hundreds) of practical examples Vivian supplies on how to assist children with ADHD and a more successful family life. I cannot recommend this course more highly, well done and thank you!


This was a very helpful course. I have 2 boys with ADHD - one inattentive and the other a combination. I really found Week 2, which talked about managing challenging behaviours, beneficial. I also loved Module 5 where different medications and supplements were discussed as well as the sleep section. I also really liked that there was a list of celebrities with ADHD and I found this a great way to talk to my children about ADHD and this gave them something in common with their favourite sport stars.


Fab course - just do it!


I would like to mention the dedication you have demonstrated in putting together such a vast array of hand picked materials to lead parents through the obstacles, pointing out pitfalls. At times we all need hand holding through something that is profoundly affecting both our children's lives and own own. Thank you Vivian for being there - Online or not, you turned up and were there for me, sharing with great generosity to illuminate the journey. You truly care in helping parents and their children and are beyond generous with the life-long resources you have made available to us. Bless you Vivian, you are a great inspiration. The World needs more people like you.


What I loved most about this course was your passion to genuinely help people that are in the dark and struggling. Your humility as you describe the subjects and including your own experiences too is heartwarming. I will remember much more what and how you said things than anything I will read elsewhere. For me the humanising aspect meant a lot to me.


As a family new to this dilemma, it answered so many questions and reassured us that we can overcome this and guide my beautiful granddaughter through life


A wonderful course that provides great insight into parenting a child with ADHD, 10/10'