I’m Vivian, the Founder of ADHD Support Australia



You’re probably here because you have a child or children with ADHD (or suspect it), and you’re looking for answers and support.

You may feel overwhelmed, confused or isolated or your life may seem out of control.
We can help. 

Register for ‘Parenting Children with ADHD’ 6-week Face-to-Face Course

A 6-week face-to-face course runs in Warriewood, NSW each Term. 

See the Events page for the next group session and for more details.


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Register for ‘Parenting Children with ADHD’ 6-week ONLINE Course

A 6-week on-line course, including interactive weekly group calls, runs each term. 

While a 6-week on-line content-only course runs throughout the year providing access to start whenever you wish. 


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Please enter your details here and I’ll be in touch.  Both online course options will launch on 21st October 2019.

More about the parenting course

The course has been developed specifically for those managing children with ADHD.

The goal is to inform and empower you to work with your child to cope with the many difficulties of ADHD by passing on practical, workable strategies that will make a difference in the lives of all family members.

The course environment promotes engagement through non-judgment, empathy and acceptance. Plenty of time is allowed to share home practice exercises.

You’ll find greater empathy & understanding for your child’s perspective and with effective strategies on board you’ll increase confidence in your parenting skills.

The most beautiful outcome of the course you’ll find is the solidarity and support fostered between you when you share your personal experiences. This often leads to lasting friendships, offering you the hope of on-going support on your parenting journey.

You’ll learn…

  • To understand your ADHD child’s world
  • Why & how it affects your family
  • Reasons for challenging behaviours
  • Learn practical behaviour management strategies
  • How to become a good child manager
  • How to create better routines & relationships
  • How to use rewards & consequences appropriately
  • How to manage difficult behaviour
  • Tools to help decrease stress & anxiety in your home
  • More about treatment options & medication
  • How to optimise sleep
  • How to work with your child’s school
  • How to build your child’s self-esteem
  • Effective self-care practices
  • Improved family problem-solving

You’ll enjoy…

  • 2.5 hours/week of face-to-face group support for 6 weeks
  • Weekly handouts and lifetime access to course information
  • Access to a private Facebook forum exclusive to the group
  • A parenting ADHD Action Plan e-work book
  • Less stress & more parenting confidence
  • Meeting parents and making new friends

Parenting Course Testimonials

Parent Course Attendee


Thank you so much for running the course. I think it was great and I got so much out of it. I wish it were still going! I don't have any suggestions for improvements, as I found it all so informative and helpful. So thank you again!



Thank you so very much for your course. I can’t tell you how helpful I found it – I have gained lots of resources and tips and I feel better armed.



A wonderful and highly informed lady helping to educate parents about ADHD. Well worth attending one of her parenting groups, especially if you are just learning about it.



Despite many years of psychologists and Google research I hadn’t been able to find really tangible action advice on how to parent my ADHD stepson until I came across Vivian’s parenting workshop. The course was invaluable because it explained the disorder simply and with great insight but then went through the various facets with actual plans for what to do and why it works. I’ve implemented many of the ideas, which have shown very positive results, and importantly learnt what not to do and how what I was doing was often exacerbating the problem. The group forum was highly supportive and being able to discuss specific situations with others in similar positions also enhanced the learning whilst reassuring me I was not alone! In so many years of research this has been the most helpful and I am so grateful for the visible results in my stepson and also in our relationship thanks to this course. The takeaway booklets are an ongoing reference and reminder that I still use. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, this course is a life-changer.



I learnt lots of new and relevant information on the course but it also cemented my existing knowledge on ADHD. Vivian is very knowledgeable and breaks down the information in an easy to digest way using her relaxed and fun approach to teaching. It was also lovely to meet other mums in similar situations to share stories and brain-storm problems. I would highly recommend.



When I didn’t know what to do next or where to go, I found your parenting course and I could relax knowing I was gaining the knowledge I needed to travel this unexpected road with my family. 100% open minded with regards to medication I have never felt any judgement only support and encouragement to keep trying. Meeting other parents who understand has been invaluable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vivian.