Innately Me Lisa Formosa A Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Social Statistics) has provided a broad framework of knowledge to understand the complex and diverse kaleidoscope of human development, motivation and experience. As a lifelong learner I am always undertaking various forms of inquiry and study. Also I am an Affiliate member of the Australian Psychological Society and Australian ADHD Professionals Association. Autism, ADHD, neurodivergence, introversion and high sensitivity are all aspects of both my own and families’ lived experience. I have a clear understanding of how each individual has their own unique experience that needs to seen, felt and heard. No two people are the same irregardless of the identity, label or diagnosis, so each need to be attuned and supported in their own unique way.

 Mentoring /  Victoria

Jules Galloway - Naturopath Jules Galloway Naturopathic consultations via Zoom. Special interest in mental health, adult ADHD, inflammation, gut issues and complex cases.

 Mentoring /  Queensland

Streetwork StreetWork is a non-denominational, for-purpose, community organisation working with 'at risk' young people affected by crime, mental health issues, violence, destructive relationships, social isolation, homelessness, those disengaged from school or with poor employment opportunities and those impacted by alcohol and substance abuse, to turn their lives around. At StreetWork we seek to give 'at risk' young people the same opportunities as their peers .. that is to grow, to achieve their dreams and to develop as a person with high self esteem. Our flagship program, is a one-on-one mentoring which we call KickStart, which aims to break the cycle of destructive behaviours and help them turn their lives around.

 Mentoring /  New South Wales

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