Kids Link

 Social Skills


Leonie Reisberg, Director Kidslink

Kidslink has been running for almost 17 years. It is a social/emotional program for children and teens who are struggling to find a comfortable place socially for themselves at school and in the world at large. Children and teens come to Kidslink and join a small (4-6) group of peers that meets once a week along the school calendar. In the group they experience sharing, connecting and having fun alongside learning “how it happens” We use a variety of modalities so that it’s not boring and addresses different styles of learning. Children and teens give each other constructive feedback about behaviours in the group and receive modelling and encouragement from the therapist to try new ways that will work better for them. We find that there is an increase of self esteem, an increase in enjoyment in their life and a new skill set that they can take out into the world.

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