Andrew provides Business, Life and ADHD coaching to: ADHD impacted clients - to overcome blocks and challenges in their life including attention issues, impulsivity and hyperactivity/restlessness He also work with seniors and retirees. To manage the changes in their life and find strategies to go forward and enjoy life in their retirement years. Coaching helps people to become self aware and uncover their true selves. By creating a safe and trusting relationship with clients Andrew allows them to explore and become aware of their strengths and positive qualities. Andrew works in a close partnership with his ADHD impacted clients on their ADHD challenges. This includes executive functions, organisation, self care and more. He is a trained ADHD Coach through ADDCA, New York and also have several years experience working as a Business Coach and Trainer.  coaching is offered by Zoom and Skype. Affordable prices is offered to make coaching available to as many as possible. This will keep cost getting in the way of a person taking their life forward. To find out more click here            

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Mike is a men’s coach and author, founder of EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY coaching program for men. He is the creator of the interview show and events, Beyond The Beers. Mike also supports everyday men from across the globe in building legendary relationships; with themselves, their partners, and their world. He derives immense purpose in bringing about a new way for men to communicate effectively and confidently navigating their lives. You’ll find Mike's advice to be uncomplicated and immediately actionable. He believes strongly in making things easy to follow and implement and cutting out the confusing noise and misinformation, making Modern Masculinity accessible to everyday men: supporting you in getting your shit as together as it can be. If you want to learn a bit more about mike and his story, check out this post here. You can also listen to his podcast here

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Online Relationship, Intimacy, and Empowerment Coaching For Singles & Couples Reece Stockhausen & Jodie Milton are leading relationship, intimacy, & personal development coaches. For over 7 years they’ve been helping singles & couples create kick-ass lives, and relationships that rock.  Reece explains on their website how he has battled a lot over his 42 years – suicidal depression, substance abuse, severe social anxiety, emotional trauma, sexual shame, epic Nice Guy syndrome… The list could go on. He has spent a lot of time figuring stuff out and learning how to transform his pain. And that’s what he helps men do – to stop hiding, get real with themselves, and live an authentic life on their own terms. His work draws on over 25 years of intensive personal development work, blending his experience, training, and qualifications in leading international Men’s Groups and workshops, Authentic Relating, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality practices, Non-Violent Communication strategies, Trauma-Informed Somatic Embodiment, Evidence-Based Mindfulness, Meditation, Martial Arts, NLP & Timeline Therapy, and a variety of Emotional and Energetic Healing Modalities. Jodie has been involved in education, social science, and politics for the past 16 years. She has since dedicated herself to the science of personal development. Jodie...

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Hi! My name is Tania Galbraith from Envisage Coaching. When working with me you can expect me to be friendly and down to earth. I have spent over 15 years working in Project Management, Change Management and Business Transformation which has taught me to see the big picture, prioritize and work hard to achieve all my goals. I've worked with a lot of different people across multiple countries and appreciate how diverse our personalities, work style, attitudes and values can be. I follow the strengths based approach to coaching because I don't believe there is a one size fits all model to achieving success. Together we will identify what's most important to you and what strengths you can utilize to achieve those goals. I am a creative thinker and love working with clients to help them think outside the square and generate fresh ideas. I have a strong business background and am very goal orientated, so once you have an idea I can work with you to convert that thought into simple practical actions. Click here for more info.          

 Life Coach /  Melbourne

Tammi Kirkness is a Life Coach who specialises in working with women who are overwhelmed, over-it and at risk of burn out. For those who are ready to up-level their lives, she works holistically to help them find peace and the best possible balance. Having worked previously as a Clinician in the UK with children with ADHD, she brings her knowledge now to the coaching space in working with their parents to help them feel grounded, content and in control. Tammi uses a mix of traditional coaching methodology, eastern energy healing techniques, EFT, her corporate background, and psychology and business degree to help her clients re-energise and reach their full potential. She has a special interest in working to help women manage perfectionism, high functioning anxiety and facilitating the enhancement of self-love in their daily practices.

 Life Coach /  New South Wales

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