Andrew Macdonald

 Life Coach

Andrew provides Business, Life and ADHD coaching to:

  • ADHD impacted clients – to overcome blocks and challenges in their life including attention issues, impulsivity and hyperactivity/restlessness
  • He also work with seniors and retirees. To manage the changes in their life and find strategies to go forward and enjoy life in their retirement years.

Coaching helps people to become self aware and uncover their true selves. By creating a safe and trusting relationship with clients Andrew allows them to explore and become aware of their strengths and positive qualities.

Andrew works in a close partnership with his ADHD impacted clients on their ADHD challenges. This includes executive functions, organisation, self care and more.

He is a trained ADHD Coach through ADDCA, New York and also have several years experience working as a Business Coach and Trainer.  coaching is offered by Zoom and Skype. Affordable prices is offered to make coaching available to as many as possible. This will keep cost getting in the way of a person taking their life forward.

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