Connect ADHD and Executive Function Coaching

 ADHD Coach

Jonathan and Monica Hassall are specialised ADHD and Executive Function coaches. We coach our clients face-to- face or via webinar platform (ZOOM) to support them reaching their goals or improve their performance in a variety of life areas; such as time management, sleep issues, motivation, relationships and productivity to name but a few. Together we can create strategies by understanding how ADHD works, what can be changed and coaching our clients “how”.

As well as individual coaching, we offer a number of programs for clients of all ages.

  • Parent as Coach is aimed at connecting with parents of children with ADHD to guide them how to provide the best environment and strategies for their children.
  • The Couples Coach program focuses on re-establishing understanding, trust, and intimacy between couples where at least one person has ADHD.
  • The Student program, suitable for high school and University students, is an on-demand, on-line program with a face to face component.
  • Coming in 2019 is our “ Connect ADHD Group Coaching Program” .

We work with our clients to create strategies, think clearly and function effectively in their environment.

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