Dr Sarah Wilkes-Gillan

 Occupational Therapist

Dr Sarah Wilkes-Gillan – Paediatric Occupational Therapy Sydney

Dr Sarah Wilkes-Gillan PhD; BAppSc(OT)Hons, is an occupational therapist who specialises in helping children with ADHD develop their social, play and friendship skills. She is passionate about helping children improve these skills. Sarah can help them form positive connections with their peers, parents, siblings and teachers. She will also help them participate in all aspects of their school setting.
Sarah provides intervention to children in their homes and schools (and online). She will tailor the intervention provided based on the latest research evidence, your child’s needs and family circumstances.
Sarah also works at the University of Sydney. She has spent over 10 years researching the play and social skills of children with ADHD and how parents and peers can support children in developing these important life skills. She also offers consultations, where parents can ask general questions about ADHD, where goals for your child and family can be discussed and where Sarah can direct you to services and professionals who can assist you further.
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