Unlocking Social Success: 5 tips for helping your young person navigate the new school year

The beginning of a new school year should be a fresh start, full of opportunities for new friendships and experiences.   However, for many young people, particularly those with ADHD or Autism, who may well have spent the summer break isolated and lonely, returning to school can be a daunting prospect.

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Boy lying face down on the floor while holding a gaming console and mom and dad pulling his leg

Online Gaming – Friend or Foe?

Understanding Your Young Person’s Obsession with Gaming


Does your young person retreat online to escape, spending hours staring at a screen playing games that seem to have no end? Do you have difficulty getting them to disengage from the screen, encountering major meltdowns and unwarranted aggression when you try and take the screen away? 

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Lockdown Health Hack – 13 Rebounding Health Benefits!

13 Rebounding Health Benefits

During these unprecedented times of us being confined to our homes or locked out of gyms and other activities, exercise may have become more tricky for certain people and definitely those in the high risk categories.  For those with ADHD, or children with ADHD, who need to release pent up energy a deceptively healthy, fun lockdown health hack is rebounding.   Rebounding, aka trampolining, has many health benefits – including boosting the immune system!

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