Waterman Psychology Services


We have been passionate about helping children and adults with learning and behavioural issues for many years.

We know how much impact can be made if a learning disorder is detected early enough. Intervention can drastically affect a child’s academic and general wellbeing.

It’s important that the child knows that a learning disorder does not mean they are “dumb” or “stupid” or “lazy.” It just means that they need to learn in a different way.

Michael is a highly qualified psychologist with over 20 years’ experience helping children with learning difficulties. Michael is the only psychologist in Adelaide who focuses solely on educational assessments. He’s passionate about child learning/behavioural issues, but also about the family’s wellbeing as a whole.
Our assessments include an initial consultation, a comprehensive written report and a feedback session with the parent. With your permission, we can also liaise with your child’s school to assist in developing a personalised learning plan for your child. Since we make use of a reliable and comprehensive digital assessment system through iPads, our educational assessments also take less time and are more accurate and reliable.





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