Nature Play SA In a short period of time, childhood has evolved into something most of us wouldn’t recognise. If we pause, our own experience of childhood is likely to look very different to that of our children. A number of societal changes have combined to brew the perfect storm. We lead busy lives. As working parents, we look to structured activities and new technologies to help us manage our time. Backyards have been reduced to courtyards and there’s a growing fear for our children’s safety. While it may feel like we’re making gains, what we’ve lost is the space to play. To create, imagine and be bored. To spend time in nature, engaging all of our senses, socialise and, most importantly, learn. Current research is telling us that our children are not as happy, healthy or emotionally resilient as they once were. Language and physical delays are on the rise, as well as growing uncertainty amongst our children when they spend time in the natural world – something that should bring joy, calmness, clarity and freedom. Nature Play SA are a small team that works hard to empower parents, educators and our broader community with the knowledge to bring...

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Rebecca Reid ADHD Coach A lifestyle coach with knowledge and experience of ADHD can provide adults, teenagers and their parents with valuable insight into the brain and behavioural aspects of ADHD. ADHD’ers often need extra support with developing strategies to succeed at school and work, set and achieve personal goals, prioritise self-care and have positive relationships in life. Rebecca has lived experience of ADHD and practical knowledge from her own journey. Rebecca has the personal knowledge of the struggles and impacts of ADHD on many life domains including work, study, relationships, self-care and achieving personal goals. Rebecca uses client-driven processes to empower adults and teenagers to achieve their best lives and to embrace ADHD as part of their unique selves. Coaching can also be tailored for parents and carers who wish to better understand and support ADHD’ers.

 ADHD Coach /  South Australia

Siblings Australia offer support for siblings of children and adults with chronic conditions. This includes disability, chronic illness and mental health issues. Siblings can often be overlooked, which can lead to feelings of isolation. If this continues, children can become vulnerable to a range of emotional and mental health problems. However, if siblings are acknowledged, and connected to sources of support, they are likely to become more resilient and family relationships are likely to be stronger. Siblings Australia aims to create connections between siblings, parents and siblings, and between families and professionals. Their focus is on strengthening families. They offer information and support services for siblings of people with chronic conditions, through increasing awareness, understanding and skills. The Director, Kate Strohm, has been asked to present workshops for parents and professionals all over Australia, in Italy (4 times), Scotland, England, US and Canada. The professional workshop can also include training in the Sibworks model for peer support for siblings aged 8-12 years. This blog provides some reflections of a workshop by a parent. Click here for more info about Siblings Australia  

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Tim Dansie provides a relaxed and friendly environment for children, families and adults that allows for an improved level of counseling outcomes. Tim provides counselling services for a wide range of issues including: • Depression • Anxiety • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Sleep issues • Child and adolescent development • Lifestyle balance • Stress • Eating disorders • Gambling and addictions • Grief and loss • Sporting performance • Time management • Pain management • Social avoidance • Alcohol and drug use • Anger management Click here to learn more        

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We have been passionate about helping children and adults with learning and behavioural issues for many years. We know how much impact can be made if a learning disorder is detected early enough. Intervention can drastically affect a child’s academic and general wellbeing. It’s important that the child knows that a learning disorder does not mean they are “dumb” or “stupid” or “lazy.” It just means that they need to learn in a different way. Michael is a highly qualified psychologist with over 20 years’ experience helping children with learning difficulties. Michael is the only psychologist in Adelaide who focuses solely on educational assessments. He’s passionate about child learning/behavioural issues, but also about the family’s wellbeing as a whole. Our assessments include an initial consultation, a comprehensive written report and a feedback session with the parent. With your permission, we can also liaise with your child’s school to assist in developing a personalised learning plan for your child. Since we make use of a reliable and comprehensive digital assessment system through iPads, our educational assessments also take less time and are more accurate and reliable.        

 Psychologist /  South Australia

Tara Allen is an Experienced clinician passionate about supporting children to achieve their optimal level of communication development and to unlock the potential of their own wild heart. Assessment & Therapy Speech pathologist specialising in developmental speech and language disorder social communication and literacy difficulties. Gold standard assessments and evidenced-based practices. TELE-THERAPY NOW AVAILABLE ! Funding may be available through NDIS, Medicare and Private Health funds. Click here for more info  

 Speech Pathologist /  South Australia

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