Mind In Action


Tania Pickering, Psych(hons) Masters Clinical Neuropsychology

Mind in Action is a psychology practise on the northern beaches that works with a lot of kids with busy minds. We understand that no two kids with ADHD are alike and specialise in helping parents and kids
discover and understand their quirky brains and create an effective plan for the future to best suit them. We provide both private therapy and group-based workshops to help kids work with their attention,
impulsivity, planning, and organisation issues as well as all the emotional, academic and social difficulties that can go along with them. We also run dyslexia and writing programs designed for kids with working memory and attention problems as these can often go hand in hand. Our principal psychologist, Tania Pickering, has a masters degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and as such has the comprehensive training necessary to provide in depth assessment and ongoing support for your child and family. She provides a wholistic approach to assessment, taking into consideration the person in context with their life. She sees that the main aim of the assessment, apart from diagnosis, is to help create an effective plan for the future. To help parents get the information and resources they need to help kids thrive. This includes working with you to find strategies and supports for home and school as well as in house therapy, workshops and training and referrals to specialists and suitable programs.

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