Kite Centre

 Occupational Therapist

KITE Centre is a brand new multi-disciplinary Paediatric Medical & Health Centre located in Frenchs Forest.

KITE Centre has been developed in partnership by a group of like-minded medical and health professionals.

To support children and families fulfil their potential through integrated, quality healthcare.

Kids and Families: We value the potential each individual brings to KITE.
Integrated: We value a collaborative partnership between KITE’s specialists and families.
Teamwork: We value a respectful and cooperative professional service.
Environment: We value a nurturing therapeutic and physical environment.

1. Family focused – supporting the whole family
2. Multi-disciplinary approach – all under one roof
3. Individualised care plans for each child/adolescent
4. Empowered specialists – enthusiastic, knowledgeable, team-oriented approach
5. Staff Education – Quality Assurance activities, supportive of clinical research

Kite Centre now has Occupational Therapy!

They are thrilled to have on board highly sought after Paediatric Occupational Therapists, Poonam Shah and Lindy Williams.

Poonam and Lindy will be at Kite Monday to Friday. Both ladies currently have available appointments so please do not hesitate to call on 9056 1919 or email if you have any questions!

For information on all the Paediatricians and Allied Health Specialists, please refer to our Website

Kite is currently open for face to face and Zoom / Telehealth appointments as required.  Referrals and enquiries welcome.

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