ADD Value Coaching provides ADHD coaching to adults and high school students. The vision of ADD Value Coaching is to support adults and high school students with ADHD to set goals, improve their executive function issues, to get more organised and to achieve positive outcomes in their life. Contact: Jennifer Blunden

 ADHD Coach /  New South Wales

Jonathan and Monica Hassall are specialised ADHD and Executive Function coaches. We coach our clients face-to- face or via webinar platform (ZOOM) to support them reaching their goals or improve their performance in a variety of life areas; such as time management, sleep issues, motivation, relationships and productivity to name but a few. Together we can create strategies by understanding how ADHD works, what can be changed and coaching our clients “how”. As well as individual coaching, we offer a number of programs for clients of all ages. Parent as Coach is aimed at connecting with parents of children with ADHD to guide them how to provide the best environment and strategies for their children. The Couples Coach program focuses on re-establishing understanding, trust, and intimacy between couples where at least one person has ADHD. The Student program, suitable for high school and University students, is an on-demand, on-line program with a face to face component. Coming in 2019 is our “ Connect ADHD Group Coaching Program” . We work with our clients to create strategies, think clearly and function effectively in their environment.

 ADHD Coach /  Queensland

Francine Freedman ACC, Certified ADHD Coach Melbourne    Francine Freedman is a certified ADHD coach who helps those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) find their personal recipe for success.  She holds an AAC distinction from ADDCA and an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation. She graduated with a degree in finance from Washington University, a top business school in America.  She has worked on Wall Street, in high tech, and in education. Francine has been a certified ADHD coach for more than four years and has worked with over 500 clients in that time. She meets with clients face to face, online and over the phone.  Francine currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family.  

 ADHD Coach /  Melbourne

Mark Brandtman - Brandtman Educational Consulting Pty Ltd Educational Consultant, ADHD Coach & MentorAssisting adults, children and their families with the effective management of ADHD.  

 ADHD Coach /  New South Wales

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