The ADHD Revolution

 ADHD Coach

The ADHD Revolution

Sarah Hoff

Since 2012, I have been actively involved in decluttering services, starting with the establishment of my Interior Decorating business in 2006 called

Over the course of seven years, as I provided Interior Decorating and Colour Consulting services, I felt a growing inclination to make a deeper impact on people’s lives. While I assisted clients in transforming their houses into homes, my passion for creating tranquil and serene spaces intensified. This led me to explore the realm of “Professional Organising.”

As a busy individual managing a business and raising four children, I intimately understood the overwhelming nature of life within a household of six. I experienced the constant stress of trying to “control” my home and life through yelling, nagging, and striving for order in order to maintain some level of sanity. I also recognized the significant difference in how I felt when my home was organized compared to when it was chaotic.

This realization ignited a strong desire within me to help others find peace and calm in their lives by establishing an organized home where everything had its rightful place. Integrating the Organizing Service into my existing Interior Decorating business brought me a sense of fulfillment for approximately eight more years.

Currently, my focus has shifted towards supporting individuals with ADHD in decluttering their homes. My goal is to assist them in understanding their unique ways of functioning and to comprehend the obstacles they encounter in maintaining an organized living space that suits their specific needs.

Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, the process we embark upon together is tailored to each individual. Rather than imposing “my system,” we collaboratively create “your system” by understanding the layout of your home and aligning it with your own cognitive processing.

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