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Olivia Mackay Therapy

Olivia Mackay

I am an ADHD psychotherapist and counsellor working with children, adolescents and adults. I create a safe and welcoming space for my clients, within which we can explore and address persistent issues and challenges. I bring a inclusive, neurooaffirming and holistic view to my therapeutic work and integrate somatic and mindfulness elements as relevant and appropriate. CHILDREN My approach to working with children is gentle, sensitive, and always guided by the child. I prioritise building a safe ‘holding’ space where children are able to explore and work through their innermost fears and emotions. We will often use toys, play and/or drawing as mediums to help express difficult experiences in ways which feel less confrontational. ADULTS Psychotherapy provides adults with space for reflection on how our life history influences our current relationships with ourselves and others. I have particular interest in working in with parents and carers, including women during and after pregnancy. As well as being emotionally intense periods of our lives, these times often prompt deep curiosity and reflection on our own childhoods.


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