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Nala Hub Psychologists are dedicated to supporting Children (3-12), Youths (13+), Adults, and Families through all of life’s challenges.

We believe that everybody has what it takes to live a healthy, fulfilling and connected life, they just need the tools and the motivation to achieve this. Certainly, it does takes work, but we know this work is necessary. Let us be your motivation.

Our Team, or League as we like to call ourselves, of Psychologists are based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

We are here to change lives for the better. Together we are focused on a mission of inspiring what we know already lies inside you.

Please Contact: Emma Pratt 

Emma Pratt is an experienced and dedicated psychologist specialising in youth and family treatment. Emma’s work supports the improvement of interpersonal relationships and behaviour, especially within the context of school and family, with a particular expertise in post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma. She believes in focusing on life-skill development, using evidence-based clinical interventions that encompass mindfulness, the mindbody connection, and compassion for self and others. Her approaches also take into account the complexities found within schools and families, and their influence on the social and emotional wellbeing of young people.

Emma has over a decade’s experience working within the psychology space, covering all angles of youth and family including:

  • Education
  • Organisational psychology with staff
  • School psychology with students staff and families
  • Tutoring at a university level
  • And now clinical practice within the in private space


Emma specialises in Child (3+)Youth and Young Adult psychology:
  • Behaviour support – school and home
  • ADHD and Autism
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Relationships and Social Skills
  • Anxiety, Phobias and OCD
  • Somatic Distress

Furthermore Emma has also volunteered as a psychologist working across rural indigenous communities with Wilcannia – Forbes dioceses, and for those with physical and intellectual disabilities at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Consequentially Emma has become very practical and grounded in her approach, building strong skills in conducting risk assessment to ensure the safety of children and families. As a result, She has also learned how to advocate on behalf of students and teachers in the favour of a child’s needs

Due to her outstanding career performance and ongoing dedication to youth & family psychology support, Emma was approached in 2018 by Michelle Hopkinson to cofound what is set to be a highly influential psychology clinic in Australia, Nala Hub.

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