Kids OT

 Occupational Therapist

Kids OT

Paediactric Occupational Therapy Services

Kids OT provide a high level of service in a fun and positive environment. Assessments and therapy intervention can be conducted in our specialised sensory integration clinic or school environment. Kids OT has a strong focus on family-centred practice and works closely with the family and child to develop individualised intervention programs. Their therapists regularly liaise with education staff and other relevant professionals to ensure consistency and collaboration of their service enabling each child to achieve their best results.

Range of services include:

  • Assessments, screening and intervention
  • Individual clinic-based intervention
  • School-based intervention services
  • Social or communication skills
  • Group programs
  • Advice and activity ideas for parents and teachers
  • School readiness screenings and assessments
  • Liaison with other service providers and education staff
  • Ongoing progress reviews
  • Access consultation/advice on school modifications for
    children with special needs
  • Intensive Holiday Group Programs
  • ECIP Early Childhood Intensive Program
  • Martial Methods

Contact Kids OT Founder: Amanda Parsons

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