Jen Dreghorn - Wellbeing Clinic


Jen Dreghorn – Specialist Naturopath – Wellbeing Clinic
Naturopath Jen Dreghorn specialises in supporting children and adults with neurobehavioral disorders such as ADHD. 
She uses a bio-medical approach, focusing on identifying and helping correct issues with neurotransmitter balance (the brain chemicals which control how we think, feel and act), supporting the gut-brain axis, addressing nutrition and any other areas impacting behaviour, mood and sleep. 
Jen typically utilises a combination of a thorough case history with laboratory and functional testing to determine what is the underlying cause behind your child’s presentation.  These may include blood pathology, genetic testing, pyrrole testing, heavy metal screening, stool analysis and food intolerance. Jen will then guide your family through your child’s treatment with much empathy and bucket loads of support and resources.   
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