Dr. Tiffany's ADHD diagnosis is brain system's and brain function based, with treatments targeting Executive Function challenges, as pioneered by Dr. Russel Barkley as well as Functional Neurology as taught by Dr.'s , Mellilo and Kharrazian. When treating ADHD, and any neurological issue or impulse control disorder, it is necessary to attend to Executive Function Deficits and Brain Rebalancing. Tiffany is a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Neuro- Psychotherapist, Certified Brain Health Coach by the Amen Clinic, trained in the Melillo Method and brain training with the Interactive Metronome. She has trained in these specific methods used to evaluate and then improve the health of you and/or your child's brain. She utilizes natural interventions, diet exercise, amino acid therapy and supplements to balance the brain. Who is this appropriate for? Anyone with a diagnosis of ADHD, Neurodivergence, a history of TBI, Impulse control issues, Focus issues, Mood Issues, Bulimia and ARFID. Dr. Tiffany looks forward to helping you improve your brain function. Check out the website here      

 Naturopath /  USA

The Padarin Health Team:   Helen Padarin Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, MAPS Practitioner, Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach Helen specialises in helping with chronic conditions from autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, ASD and ADHD, all of which have many overlapping underlying factors. Helen utilises dietary intervention, naturopathic solutions and a biomedical approach for the effective treatment of these conditions. A Naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist and author, Helen has been in clinical practice since 2001.  She works from one of Sydney's most highly regarded integrated medical centres along with GP's, a paediatrician and other practitioners.   Since 2011 Helen has been a regular presenter and ambassador for the Mindd Foundation and has presented for Health Masters Live and ACNEM, providing post-graduate education for GP’s, naturopaths, nutritionists and other health care professionals. Helen holds a bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Naturopathy), advanced diplomas in nutrition, herbal medicine and massage and has completed extensive post-graduate training in treatment for metabolic, neurologic, digestive and immune disorders. Book your consult with Helen here:  https://helenpadarin.com/book-a-consultation/ Pip Smith Naturopath & Nutritionist Pip found her own children were suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities and a myriad of health concerns from a very young age. This led her on a wellness journey...

 Naturopath /  New South Wales

Jen Dreghorn - Specialist Naturopath - Wellbeing Clinic   Naturopath Jen Dreghorn specialises in supporting children and adults with neurobehavioral disorders such as ADHD.  She uses a bio-medical approach, focusing on identifying and helping correct issues with neurotransmitter balance (the brain chemicals which control how we think, feel and act), supporting the gut-brain axis, addressing nutrition and any other areas impacting behaviour, mood and sleep.    Jen typically utilises a combination of a thorough case history with laboratory and functional testing to determine what is the underlying cause behind your child's presentation.  These may include blood pathology, genetic testing, pyrrole testing, heavy metal screening, stool analysis and food intolerance. Jen will then guide your family through your child's treatment with much empathy and bucket loads of support and resources.   

 Naturopath /  New South Wales

We’re people that have been there; in the bathroom, the doctor’s office, the hospital. Mothers, fathers, nutritionists and researchers. People who have gut health issues and a that help those with gut health issues. We make the products and programs we want and need. The products we give to our family and friends. From our family to yours, we’re here to change culture with our cultures.

 Naturopath /  Queensland

  Carolyn Ledowsky is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia. She is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition, also having studied courses in genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland in the US. Carolyn is a results-oriented health expert who has the ability to provide straightforward and practical advice to address your specific health issues, working with you through the entire course of your healing. Carolyn’s key focus is looking at how your genes impact your health and make you more susceptible to disease. This insight and a thorough health history is invaluable in setting a correct path for your future health. Carolyn is a regular speaker at MTHFR events and provides both patient and practitioner training through her many webinars/presentations and on-line learning environments. She regularly contributes to Dr Jess Armine’s radio programme on Blog Talk Radio in the US, has worked with supplement company Nutrition Care on a national MTHFR speaking tour and is an expert contributor at Conceive Baby.  

 Naturopath /  New South Wales

Jane Miles Medical Herbalist | Clinical Nutritionist | Iridologist | Kinesiologist | Mindfulness Teacher I am a naturopath with 20 years experience in natural health solutions for children and families in offering natural and effective treatment options for children with ADHD/ADD. Nutrition is very important focus of mine with many children presenting with intolerances.  I also like to educate my clients with a deeper understanding to  the brain’s chemistry by gene and methylation testing. Herbal and nutritional support is very effective in relaxing the nervous system, releasing stress and calming the mind either alone or to support alongside conventional therapy.

 Naturopath /  New South Wales

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