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 Brain Training

Dr. Tiffany’s ADHD diagnosis is brain system’s and brain function based, with treatments targeting Executive Function challenges, as pioneered by Dr. Russel Barkley as well as Functional Neurology as taught by Dr.’s , Mellilo and Kharrazian.

When treating ADHD, and any neurological issue or impulse control disorder, it is necessary to attend to Executive Function Deficits and Brain Rebalancing. Tiffany is a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Neuro- Psychotherapist, Certified Brain Health Coach by the Amen Clinic, trained in the Melillo Method and brain training with the Interactive Metronome.

She has trained in these specific methods used to evaluate and then improve the health of you and/or your child’s brain. She utilizes natural interventions, diet exercise, amino acid therapy and supplements to balance the brain.

Who is this appropriate for? Anyone with a diagnosis of ADHD, Neurodivergence, a history of TBI, Impulse control issues, Focus issues, Mood Issues, Bulimia and ARFID.

Dr. Tiffany looks forward to helping you improve your brain function.

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