I have been working with people with ADHD since 2002. I am a qualified teacher with ADHD and have 2 children also diagnosed. My staff and I work one-on-one, as groups do not work well for ADHD. We use a multisensory approach and enhance the use of logic rather than memory. We remediate and test on national benchmarks to be sure of improvement. We assist children to gain mastery over their learning. The flow on is self confidence, social skills, building relationships, insight into their own ability. We create a safe environment for them to learn and a place where they are valued.  Neurofeedback: This has been shown to help ADHD and there is a lot of scientific evidence of its efficacy (See Efficacy of Neurofeedback Treatment in ADHD: the Effects on ... Arns, Martijn et al, Clinical EEG and Neuroscience; Jul 2009; 40, 3; ProQuest Central pg. 180). I have been doing Neurofeedback since 2007 and was further trained by Dr. Ed Hamlin in The States in 2014. The Time Out Centre Inc. has helped hundreds of children over the past twenty years gain a mastery of their ADHD and realise that this is an ability, not a disability! ...

 Brain Training /  Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Dr. Tiffany's ADHD diagnosis is brain system's and brain function based, with treatments targeting Executive Function challenges, as pioneered by Dr. Russel Barkley as well as Functional Neurology as taught by Dr.'s , Mellilo and Kharrazian. When treating ADHD, and any neurological issue or impulse control disorder, it is necessary to attend to Executive Function Deficits and Brain Rebalancing. Tiffany is a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Neuro- Psychotherapist, Certified Brain Health Coach by the Amen Clinic, trained in the Melillo Method and brain training with the Interactive Metronome. She has trained in these specific methods used to evaluate and then improve the health of you and/or your child's brain. She utilizes natural interventions, diet exercise, amino acid therapy and supplements to balance the brain. Who is this appropriate for? Anyone with a diagnosis of ADHD, Neurodivergence, a history of TBI, Impulse control issues, Focus issues, Mood Issues, Bulimia and ARFID. Dr. Tiffany looks forward to helping you improve your brain function. Check out the website here      

 Brain Training /  USA

Metamorphosis Coaches Mentoring for parents of students with ADHD Hi, I’m Jahida, a Female Youth Mentor and Personal Development Coach. I am also the Founder and CEO of Metamorphosis Coaching, a school teacher, mother, a certified life coach and a woman devoted to personal development. Growing up, I was an ambitious, teenage girl but I felt there were many cultural barriers limiting me from pursuing my dreams. Since meeting my husband Faz, I challenged the traditional cultural beliefs and stereotypes that a Muslim woman is not capable of having a successful career while being married, staying true to her principles, faith and committed to raising a family. I wore my hijab at the age of 13 in a time where racism in AU was at it’s peak and the September 11 attacks magnified the traumatic effects of Islamophobia. I faced many challenges as a teenager with my identity, feeling like I didn’t belong in this country, I tackled bullying in a school where I was the only scarfed girl and had to form new friendships every couple of years as I moved from school to school. I am very grateful for the two mentors (my father and math's teacher) that...

 Brain Training /  New South Wales

    At MSMH, we incorporate Cognitive & Behavioural, interpersonal, Acceptance & Commitment, Trauma-focussed therapies incorporating EEG-guided assessment and intervention services to address difficulties associated with ADHD: * improve adjustment to challenging life events * recognise emotions within themselves and others * cope with feelings of anger, depression and anxiety *  express feelings in appropriate ways * improve interpersonal communication skills * attentional and behavioural regulation and improvement. Most of our team members have training in applied neuroscience to incorporate biofeedback (HRV & EEG) into our intervention services. Multiple clinicians available (psychology and counselling) Wait time for intake consultation is less than 4 weeks.      

 Brain Training /  Queensland

Mindstate Consulting Nicholas Jarrett   Primary service is ADHD Therapeutic Coaching. This service facilitates a synergy between counselling and coaching to help understand and improve the symptoms and impact of ADHD and other related issues. Ther service focuses an understanding of clients and their associated experienced issues with a ‘working mentality’ which facilitates self-growth, develops skills and builds self-esteem and confidence to create increase quality of life functioning.

 Brain Training /  New South Wales

Neurofeedback Brain Training Vania Labios Neurofeedback is an exciting technology that can assist individuals to better manage symptoms associated with dysregulation disorders such as ADHD, regulate their emotional responses and enhance cognitive functions. As a Neurofeedback practitioner and registered counsellor, I provide comprehensive, compassionate, evidence-based interventions and therapeutic support that empower individuals to heal, grow, and rediscover their resilience. I offer a Neurofeedback service in a supportive environment for clients to explore their concerns and challenges. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the benefits of Neurofeedback.

 Brain Training /  Victoria

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