ADHD Support Group Nepean-Penrith

 Parent Support Group

ADHD Support Group Nepean-Penrith Area  

Support group for parents with children with ADHD, ADD and ODD with no judgment. A place to share and vent and support each other.
Every day is a struggle and so many families are going through this alone. I want to set up a bricks and mortar support group for people to come along and share their stories or vent if need be. It helps knowing we are not alone. After doing the show I was surprised how many people and family members have come up to me and shared stories that were hidden away. There is still stigma attached to ADHD and growing up with it or dealing with it and our children. We all want to raise “normal” families and sometimes the reality is so much harder.
Monthly meetings at the South Penrith Neighbourhood Centre,
(behind Southlands Shopping Centre)
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