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How Occupational Therapy Helps Children’s Executive Functioning

How Occupational Therapy Helps Children’s Executive Functioning

Think about an executive of a company: They have to plan out how resources of the company will be used, decide what the priorities are and in what direction to take them, and make decisions on what to do when there is conflicting information. All of these skills are established through what we call our Executive Functioning

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What is Behavioural Optometry?

Defining Behavioural Optometry involves understanding VISION and how it is different from EYESIGHT.

Traditional optometry is more involved with EYESIGHT whilst Behavioural Optometry is more interested in VISION.  All patients will benefit from the more holistic approach, but it is especially suited to those with eye motor control problems, lazy eyes, developmental delays, neurological damage or learning delays.

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Lockdown Health Hack – 13 Rebounding Health Benefits!

13 Rebounding Health Benefits

During these unprecedented times of us being confined to our homes or locked out of gyms and other activities, exercise may have become more tricky for certain people and definitely those in the high risk categories.  For those with ADHD, or children with ADHD, who need to release pent up energy a deceptively healthy, fun lockdown health hack is rebounding.   Rebounding, aka trampolining, has many health benefits – including boosting the immune system!

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