Strategies for Improving Social Skills in Teens & Young Adults

Strategies for Improving Social Skills in Teens & Young Adults & Why It’s Important!
with PEERS Social Skills Coach, Vivian Dunstan

Strategies for Improving Social Skills in Teens & Young Adults & Why It’s Important!

with certified PEERS Social Skills Coach, Vivian Dunstan

Our kids often don’t view the world quite the same as others do, and therefore often have difficulties navigating the social world, meaning social anxiety is commonplace.

Sometimes their social challenges are almost imperceptible and can appear mild, but that very mildness can make those difficulties all the more severe. Appropriate social skills help us to connect with others and maintain relationships.

Struggling with social skills can put teens/young adults with social challenges at greater risk of …

* Peer rejection

* Feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety & isolation

* Negative impacts on further study, dating and finding & maintaining employment

Making & keeping friends is crucial – having just one or two friends has been shown to:

* help create resilience to stressful life events

* predict better adjustment in later life

* increase self-esteem/confidence & support independence

* minimise the occurrence of bullying

* decrease the likelihood of depression and anxiety linked to loneliness

We take social skills for granted and expect our kids to learn by osmosis, but our kids often need a little extra explicit instruction, just like some kids need more explicit instruction in learning to read.

Vivian will discuss why it’s so important that our young people have good social skills, her experience with facilitating the PEERS® programme as well as sharing with you some tips, strategies and resources from the programme that you can walk away from the talk with.

We know that social skills have rules which can be easily taught, followed and practised to great effect – just like anything else – and so the PEERS programme works by explicitly teaching the skills that come naturally to those who are more socially adept.

About Vivian

Vivian is the Founder & Organiser of ADHD Support Australia and has been advocating for the ADHD community since 2013.

Vivian is both an adult with ADHD and a mother of an ADHD child, teen & now young adult. Vivian has authored the ADHD Support Australia’s website, organised over 100+ expert ADHD talks and facilitated the Parenting Children with ADHD course and the PEERS Social Skills for Teens & Young Adults programmes.

Vivian’s personal and professional experience over the years means that she truly understands the everyday challenges faced by young people with ADHD and their parents and, in particular, the social skills & friendship challenges faced by our young people with ADHD.

Wanting to make a real difference in this space, Vivian became a Certified PEERS Adolescent & Young Adult Social Skills course provider and now regularly facilitates both programmes.

This talk will be highly relevant to parents, teens, young adults, family members, teachers and other professionals working with children/young adults with social skills & friendship challenges.

I invite you to join me in talking about this most important topic.

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I look forward to seeing you there – Vivian