The Bright & Quirky Child Summit 2022

The Bright & Quirky Child Summit is coming!


Are you raising a bright child with learning, social, emotional, and/or behavioural challenges?

If so, the upcoming Bright & Quirky Child Summit is a must-see!

The summit runs 4-8 April and includes the top experts in bright & quirky kids including:

Dr Mona Delahooke

Dr Barry Prizant

Debbie Reber

Dr Michele Borba

Dr Elizabeth Laugeson

Dr Edward Hallowell and many more.


You can register for FREE here:


The summit is PACKED with tools and strategies from the world’s leading experts to help you discover what’s possible for bright and quirky kids.


  • How to use mindfulness to manage anxiety, stress and worry

  • How to solve challenging behaviours and demand avoidance

  • What to say to empower self-driven motivation

  • How to defuse anger, aggression and shutdown

  • How to find the best-fit learning environment

  • How to instil self-advocacy to help kids get their unique needs met

  • How to stack habits to build essential life skills

  • How to harness the power of your child’s unique mind for a future of thriving

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The Peptide Summit 2021

The Peptide Summit starts TODAY and runs from 7-14 December 2021.
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The future’s looking bright! 🌞 Come to the summit to learn all the reasons why!
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Overcoming Chronic Illness Masterclass

Many of you mention having other chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome etc so I thought you might find some useful information in The Overcoming Chronic Illness Masterclass starting TODAY!
It says it will help you learn practical steps to overcome and prevent chronic health issues, causes of chronic or recurring infections, solutions for better immune health, strategies to address environmental toxic overwhelm, motivational tools for creating sustainable change, dietary approaches for chronic illness and everyday wellness, and more!
Register for Overcoming Chronic Illness Masterclass which is FREE & Online from 6-12 December 2021 here:
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Mindful Parenting and Mental Wellness Conference

Mindful Parenting and Mental Wellness Conference

Can you come? Join me in a free event for parents to raise resilient, connected, self-driven kids. Presentations on current brain research, teens, toddlers, coping with anxiety, saying “no” to porn and addiction, diversity, equity and inclusion, and handling challenging behaviors! The 10th Happily Family Online Conference is FREE to attend! It starts on Oct 14th. Register now

Anxiety Summit 5: Gut Brain Axis

Anxiety Summit 5: Gut Brain Axis

ANXIETY has become the defining mental health issue of our time — with or without a diagnosis — women are affected at twice the rate of men, and more children and young adults are now more stressed and anxious than ever. Join us to learn about gut-brain connections, the amazing amino acids and other nutritional solutions for anxiety and digestive distress. Join us for The Anxiety Summit 5 from November 8-14, 2021. It’s free and online!