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What we do

Supported travel and social events for young adults on the autism spectrum or with hidden disabilities.

Many young people on the autism spectrum or with hidden disabilities struggle to fit in to the world. They find it hard to make friends, or to build independence apart from family.

Some may spend a lot of energy trying to fit in, by masking and adapting to a society they feel like they don’t belong in. While some just need a bit of support, and watch others enjoying this world without being able to access it themselves.

Being excluded or struggling to find your people can cause loneliness, anxiety and other challenges. Then add the complexity of travelling and planning travel. This is why we started Travengers AU – Supported Youth Travel.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to socialise, travel and to be a valid part of a community, and to be accepted and appreciated. Through Travengers we enable building social networks and friendships, travel and build skills and confidence to move forward. And we aspire to educate others around us on our way.

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