Learning Links

 ADHD Assessments

Learning Links is a not-for-profit charitable organisation with over 40 years of experience in helping kids learn. Our vision is to provide children and young people who have difficulties learning with the skills, services and family support that enable them to reach their full potential. We work with children, parents, carers, families and professionals across Sydney and NSW.

How we can help?

Our specialist professionals work with children who have learning difficulties/disabilities to address concerns with:

•    Speech, language and communication
•    Fine and gross motor development
•    Literacy and numeracy
•    Anxiety, depression, low self esteem, social skills and behaviour
•    Developmental delay, ADHD & Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia, High Functioning Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders

Our Approach

We understand that every child is unique with different strengths and difficulties and that each family has their own set of challenges and goals. We tailor the best possible program for each child and offer families access to a caring and committed team of highly qualified experts across therapy, teaching and psychology.

Main Office:


12-14 Pindari Road

Other locations:


Shop 2, 54-56 Macquarie Street (North)

Bella Vista

6a/7 Meridian Place
Bella Vista


2, Level 3, Bowen Library Building
669-673 Anzac Parade

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