Developmental Paediatrics

 Enuresis Specialist

At Developmental Paediatrics, we have a team of professionals who are available for assessment and therapy for children and adolescents with developmental, learning, and behaviour concerns. Where there are concerns about ADHD, in most instances we believe an ideal assessment structure is a multi-disciplinary team assessment, so that specialists meet you together and discuss your child as a team before giving you feedback together.


  • For under 6 year olds, we do this either as part of an Early Childhood Multidisciplinary Clinic. This involves an initial appointment with a Developmental Paediatrician and a Speech Pathologist or Psychologist, which will determine the direction of further assessment and therapy from our team of experts.  This can include formal developmental or cognitive assessment tools, autism specific assessments, medical investigations, or assessments in speech pathology, occupational therapy, dietetics, and psychology. 
  • For children/adolescents age 6 or above, the Developmental Paediatrics School Age Multidisciplinary Assessment Day has been designed as a comprehensive, collaborative team assessment enabling busy families to have their child or adolescent seen by an expert team in one centre.

It is a new and innovative model of complete care designed for 6-17 year old children with developmental, learning, attention, or behavioural concerns, and involves:

  • Development Paediatrician assessment
  • Clinical Psychologist assessment
  • Nutritional assessment by an Accredited Practising Dietitian
  • Hearing test
  • Cognitive assessment (IQ test)
  • Educational assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses in various academic areas such as numeracy and literacy
  • Analysis of your child’s teacher’s reports and standardised assessment questionnaires
  • Collaborative case conference amongst experts who have assessed your child
  • Individual multi-disciplinary plan detailing a clear path of therapies, learning support, or further testing
  • Feedback, discussion, and counselling

We believe this model brings the strengths of a range of professionals into a specialist team for your child. Rather than having working with different practitioners in diverse locations who work in isolation, we believe that your child and family benefits from your team working together carrying you forward.

Individual consultations can also be arranged with our psychologists, speech pathologists, and other allied health practitioners for therapy without a team assessment.


In situations where you are transitioning care from another Paediatrician, or have already had a comprehensive assessment with a psychologist, a team assessment may not also be required and our intake process may recommend an appointment with a Developmental Paediatrician is made.


Professionals available at Developmental Paediatrics

Clinical Nurse Specialist for Enuresis
Hayley Leek
Sandy Heymann
Developmental Paediatricians
Dr Paul Joshua
Dr Kelly Saltman
Dr Adrienne Moline
Dr Alicia Montgomery
Speech Pathologist
Valli Ehrlich
Occupational Therapist
Jo Lewis
Soheil Afshar
Dr Eleanor Frow (from mid 2019)
Practice Manager: Tayla Lawrence
Clinical Psychologists
Dr Simonne Cohen
Jamila Solomon
Marc Bloom
Marcelle Moore
Dr Felicity Chandle
Learning Support Teacher for education planning, NESA applications
Natalie Miller
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