Create Balance Courses


Mental health challenges can deplete you of confidence, direction and clarity.

Having a constant and nagging apathy is exhausting and can easily lead to a downward spiral of negativity and hopelessness.

Our wellbeing courses will provide you with the renewed motivation, courage, strength and zest you need to seize the best that life has to give you. You’ll find yourself feeling inspired, radiant, fearless and focussed. Nothing can stop you then.

We know how hard it is for people with ADHD to create and maintain habits because we’ve been there ourselves.

That’s why we created this online program for people with ADHD who want a better life by creating new, positive habits. Our goal is simple – help you achieve your goals so you can live the life of your dreams!

Imagine being able to finally stick to the habit of going for a run every day or sticking with an exercise routine even when work gets busy.

How about getting up early in the morning without hitting snooze on your alarm clock over and over again?

Or imagine having more time in the day because all those wasted hours spent procrastinating are gone!

Now imagine doing all these things while feeling confident, motivated and happy, instead of stressed out and overwhelmed!

It’s all possible if you follow our step-by-step habit formation system.

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