Parenting Your ADHD Child – 6-Week Course


6-week course developed specifically for parents/carers managing children with ADHD

Term 1 starts:  MONDAY 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 @ 10am-12.30pm

Most suitable for parents of primary/early high school aged children, but all are welcome.

The goal of this course is to inform and empower parents to work together with their child to cope with the many difficulties of ADHD by passing on practical, workable strategies that will make a difference in the lives of all family members.

An environment conducive to the engagement of parents through non-judgment, empathy and acceptance is a priority.  Plenty of time will be allowed to discuss the home practice exercises to encourage parents to support each other in putting these ideas into practice and celebrate their successes.

Topics in the course include:

 •  What is ADHD?

 •  How does ADHD affect family life?

 •  Creating better routines & relationships

 •  Using rewards & consequences

 •  Treatment options

 •  Sleep Strategies

 •  Managing difficult behaviour

 •  Working with schools

 •  Building self-esteem

 •  Family problem-solving

 •  Effective self-care

An important goal of this course is to foster solidarity and support amongst the participants whereby they share and discuss their parenting experiences.  This in turn can lead to lasting friendships, which offer parents the hope of ongoing support on their parenting journey.

A private Facebook forum will be set up specifically for the group to provide further support and advice for the duration of the course to which you will have continued access.

The course is presented by Vivian Dunstan – Founder of the ADHD Support Australia, qualified teacher and course facilitator, mentor and, most importantly, an experienced ADHD parent.

Price includes follow-up support via private Facebook forum specific to the group, weekly handouts, bonus end of course booklet and morning tea.

Parenting Children with ADHD Course is based on a course developed by the Institute of Family Practice but contains so much more from Vivian’s own personal experience and research with ADHD.

INVESTMENT: $299.65 (includes Eventbrite ticketing fee)

For more details contact Vivian on

Book your place here and Vivian will contact you to arrange final details such as venue address etc.

If you are interested in the course but can’t attend at this time – please let me know as the course runs on different mornings each term and there is also an online course coming soon.

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