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Ninette Nell – Neuro-Educational Therapist/Counsellor – Optimal Therapy Services

Natural treatment for individuals with ADHD and Anxiety.  Reduces symptoms without the use of medication.

Neurofeedback works by training the brain to better self-regulate, or balance its own chemical levels. Gradually the brain responds to the cues that are being given, and ‘learning’ of a new brain rhythm takes place.

Once the brain learns this balance and flexibility, it applies this skill to its overall functioning and continues to process information in an efficient manner, improving, or eliminating symptoms, resulting in increased energy and functioning, physiological balance, and optimal performance.

Neurofeedback Therapy use specific games/brain exercises that create and/or strengthen neural pathways in the brain. The brain’s neuroplasticity makes long-lasting connections possible to increase the strengthening process.

Improvement can be seen in less than ten sessions, but may not fully remediate until 20 to 30 sessions. Individual results depend upon the type of disorder, severity of symptoms, and duration of the problem.

The initial assessment is approximately 1 hour. Sessions are 30-60 minutes depending on individual situations. The more frequently the client trains, the quicker and more lasting the results. Learning is consolidated by the brain, the more you practice. A multi-disciplinary approach can include life counselling and nutritional/exercise consultation.

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