Monique Mitchelson Clinical Psychologist


Monique specializes in working with ADHD and Autism in adults. She also has ADHD herself.

  Based in Brisbane at Redlands Psychologists they have only a 3-6 month waitlist for clients. Monique does therapy, adult Autism and ADHD assessments.
She also has a great resource for adult women with ADHD in the form of a podcast called The Neurodivergent Woman Podcast which she hosts with colleague Dr Michelle Livock who is a Neuropsychologist. You can find on Spotify and all podcast platforms.

Areas of special interest include:



Chronic Pain


Functional Neurological disorders

Insomnia and Sleep disorders


Neurodiversity in Adults

Podcast host of the Neurodivergent Woman Podcast

Located in South East Brisbane, our Ormiston based Clinical Psychology Private Practice caters for people across the life span.





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