Inclusion @ Heart


I am adult with ADHD (late adult diagnosis) and ADHD parent. 

I love to support people with diagnoses including ADHD, ASD, learning disabilities and many other conditions, to improve their lives by facilitating social, educational, and economic inclusion. I provide tailored evidence-based services to children, young people, or adults (and carers) in relation to the following:

Vocational support:

Supporting people to access work, volunteer, or education environments by undertaking and offering services including:

– Career exploration and assessments

– Job placement and development services

– Employer education and guidance

– Skills development

Psychosocial support:

Coordination of needs to address barriers to participation and identify goals through assessments and interventions.

– Support to adjust to the impact of a disability including independent living, life care planning and counselling

Medical management support:

Work collaboratively with you and your treatment providers to develop a plan to help you achieve your health and work goals

Advocacy support:

Assist the person to exercise choice and control and to have their voice heard in matters that affect them. Services include:

– advocating for adjustments or accommodations within the workplace / educational institution including schools

– advocating for gifted students (including twice-exceptional student i.e., gifted person who also has a disability)




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