Angela Agius

Hi, I’m Angie
In 2018, after struggling to reach my “potential” despite repeatedly being described as bright , enthusiastic and intelligent I was diagnosed with ADHD. My son had just been diagnosed and through the process I recognized the parallels in my own life. I was determined to support my son to be the best version of himself and set out to learn everything I could about ADHD.

I am a graduate of the Basic Training Program at the ADD Coach Academy [ADDCA] working towards accreditation and enrolled in the Advanced Training program. ADDCA provides training designed specifically for coaching those with ADHD and is one of a few organizations accredited by the ICF and PAAC.

I am passionate about helping individuals to achieve their goals through an ‘ADHD lens’, co-creating strategies, and engineering an environment that works to support the ADHD brain, not struggle against it.

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