Dr Bryce Joynson Specialist General Practitioner

 General Practitioner

Dr Bryce Joynson is a neurodevelopmental specialist GP and has extensive experience in treating ADHD. Dr Bryce is also working on the Medical Advisory board of several medicinal cannabis companies and conducting research into treating ASD and ADHD with medicinal cannabis therapies alongside appropriate mental health care.

He is a member of the Australian ADHD professional’s association and RACGP Specific Interests Group for ASD, ADHD and Neurodiversity.

Dr Bryce is an Authorized Prescriber of Medicinal Cannabis and a member of the ANZCCP, AMCA, ASCC. He is also a member of the Medical Advisory board of Levin Health and works alongside key decision makers in the medicinal cannabis industry.

He can manage all comorbidities, TOVA test and spect CT brain for patients. If cannabis therapies are appropriate, he can arrange this as well.
Dr Bryce also works with professional athletes who have ADHD and is helping to use them for advocacy. He also lectures, is a keynote speaker and trains other GPs.
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