ADHD Melbourne

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ADHD Melbourne

One of the many goals of ADHD Melbourne is to provide a supportive, nurturing, and fact-based educational environment online for people in Melbourne and regional Victoria with ADHD, including family members such as partners and children with ADHD.

We are also aiming to significantly improve all Australian government’s and community’s acceptance and support of ADHD.

ADHD Melbourne was born along side the many internet sites beginning to improve the understanding of ADHD. One of our goals is to augment and unite them. Please feel free to get in contact if you have an ADHD based organisation and would like to be part of this global movement.

There are a growing number of ADHD related internet sites in the world, and in Australia several have emerged this last year alone.
We are encouraged by this as ADHD is possibly the most undiagnosed mental health issue in Australia.

Our belief and our goal is to freely connect and communicate as a peer to peer community in an online capacity. We started out as a Facebook page and a Facebook group by its founding members Mark Szili, Peter Scholem, and Simon Watts.

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