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 Irlens Practitioner

 I have been working with people with ADHD since 2002. I am a qualified teacher with ADHD and have 2 children also diagnosed. My staff and I work oneonone, as groups do not work well for ADHD. We use a multisensory approach and enhance the use of logic rather than memory. We remediate and test on national benchmarks to be sure of improvement. We assist children to gain mastery over their learning. The flow on is self confidence, social skills, building relationships, insight into their own ability. We create a safe environment for them to learn and a place where they are valued

Neurofeedback: This has been shown to help ADHD and there is a lot of scientific evidence of its efficacy (See Efficacy of Neurofeedback Treatment in ADHD: the Effects on ... Arns, Martijn et al, Clinical EEG and Neuroscience; Jul 2009; 40, 3; ProQuest Central pg. 180). I have been doing Neurofeedback since 2007 and was further trained by Dr. Ed Hamlin in The States in 2014. The Time Out Centre Inc. has helped hundreds of children over the past twenty years gain a mastery of their ADHD and realise that this is an ability, not a disability! 




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