The Dangers of Social Media, Gaming, and Devices for Young People with ADHD & Autism

In an era where screens reign supreme and virtual connections often overshadow face-to-face interactions, the impact of social media, gaming, and excessive device usage on the mental health of our young people has become a pressing concern. This concern is amplified for vulnerable populations, especially those with ADHD, Autism, or who already experience social challenges and I see this on a daily basis supporting young people and families in the ADHD and Autism community.

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Boy lying face down on the floor while holding a gaming console and mom and dad pulling his leg

Online Gaming – Friend or Foe?

Understanding Your Young Person’s Obsession with Gaming


Does your young person retreat online to escape, spending hours staring at a screen playing games that seem to have no end? Do you have difficulty getting them to disengage from the screen, encountering major meltdowns and unwarranted aggression when you try and take the screen away? 

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