Build Your Child’s Frustration Tolerance

Build Your Child’s Frustration Tolerance

“Build Your Child’s Frustration Tolerance is a self-paced growth mindset masterclass for parents and providers.

You’ll learn to foster your child’s grit and determination with practical and science-based strategies that go beyond simple encouragement.

The masterclass includes 4 video units with renowned guest parenting educators PLUS 2 bonus tracks with pre & early teen and neurodiverse parenting perspectives.

It also includes a comprehensive printable workbook with unit takeaways, journaling prompts, and activities and exercises to do with your child to help put the strategies in place.

In this on-demand course, you will learn:

  • How to uncover and avoid the hidden triggers that are the real causes of your child’s frustration.
  • How to develop a ‘frustration toolkit’ of practices and coping skills to use with your child to self-regulate and cope with challenges.
  • When to take a more emotion-based approach to help your child overcome obstacles and the urge to give up.
  • Practical strategies to help your child break free of the instant gratification mindset so they can work toward accomplishments.

Dr. Lisa Blackwell —President and Co-founder of Mindset Works with Carol Dweck, Ph.D.— has reviewed and approved this masterclass framework as being a valuable growth mindset parenting resource.

Includes lifetime access so you can go through all the materials at your own pace.

Transform Your Child’s Negative Self-Talk Into Self-Love

Transform Your Child’s Negative Self-Talk Into Self-Love

This is a masterclass for parents and caregivers where you’ll learn how to help your child quiet their inner critic to grow their confidence and self-worth.

In this on-demand course, you will learn:

  • How to respond when you hear your child’s negative self-talk (specific talking points for different situations)
  • How to avoid common shaming phrases that damage your child’s self-esteem
  • 4-step formula for responding to your child when they misbehave
  • Critical long-term strategies for growing your child’s Confidence

With your masterclass pass, you’ll get:

  • Video lessons by top parenting experts
  • Helpful printable checklists and templates

Watch a sample lesson from the Masterclass.

Teaching Guide PDF for Big Life Journal – Tween/Teen Edition (ages 11+)

Teaching Guide PDF for Big Life Journal – Tween/Teen Edition (ages 11+)

These growth mindset lesson plans help parents and educators to incorporate Social-Emotional Learning and growth mindset into homeschool or classroom.

This 75-page digital printable kit includes discussion questions, resources, extension activities, and teaching tips.

This teaching resource goes together with the Big Life Journal – Tween/Teen Edition (you need the journal to use the guide).

The recommended age range is 11 years old and above.

Download the sample lesson HERE.

Recommended Uses

Consider using this guide for any of these purposes:

  • One-on-one with a young learner;
  • Small groups in diverse settings like youth groups, homeschooling groups, and/or co-ops;
  • In the classroom infuse social-emotional learning and psychology into the content you teach;
  • As a central text or supporting resource for life skills classes, summer camps, after-school, or educational programs.

Lesson Plans PDF for Big Life Journal – 2nd Edition (ages 7-10)

Lesson Plans PDF for Big Life Journal – 2nd Edition (ages 7-10)

These lesson plans are designed to help you and the learners you’re guiding get the most out of Big Life Journal – 2nd Edition (you need the journal to use the lesson plans).

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

These lesson plans can be used by students in a wide variety of learning environments, from traditional classrooms to small group meetings to your kitchen table.

Whether you are a counselor coordinating a school-wide growth mindset initiative or a parent schooling your child at home, they include flexible elements and suggestions for adaptations to suit your needs.

These lessons align with essential competencies identified by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as well as supporting fundamental concepts of English Language Arts and Social Studies. 

Download the sample lesson HERE.

These lesson plans are provided FREE with orders of 10 or more hardcover Big Life Journals. Please write to for more information.

SEL & Growth Mindset Lesson Plans

SEL & Growth Mindset Lesson Plans

Introducing our comprehensive bundle of 12 engaging and empowering Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Growth Mindset lesson plans.

This resource is packed with ready-to-use materials to foster emotional well-being, develop resilience, and cultivate a growth mindset in children.

Each lesson plan comes with companion printable activities, worksheets, or vibrant posters, making it easy to implement impactful lessons in just 30 minutes.

Each lesson plan builds upon the previous ones, ensuring a cohesive and progressive learning experience.

The lesson plans are available for two different age groups: ages 4-6 and ages 7-10. They need to be purchased separately. 

Whether you are an educator or counselor coordinating a school-wide growth mindset initiative or a parent schooling your child at home, these lesson plans will help you seamlessly integrate SEL and growth mindset into your curriculum.

12 lesson plans cover the following topics: 

  • Building Positive Friendships
  • The Power of Kindness
  • Inclusiveness
  • Seeing Good in Others
  • Seeing Good in Myself
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Where Do I Feel My Emotions
  • Coping Strategies
  • How to Resolve Conflicts
  • The Power of Our Brains
  • Mistakes Help Our Brains Grow


Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Growth Mindset in the Classroom

The Growth Mindset in the Classroom Conference will help you learn how to integrate a growth mindset into your classroom and create a growth mindset culture directly from the expert educators who have already done it successfully.

Here’s what you’ll receive with your Premium Access:

  • IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME ACCESS to all conference videos and bonuses (go at your own pace).
  • 12 expert videos & written case studies of schools that have successfully integrated a growth mindset in their classrooms (Portfolio School, Silver Creek Leadership Academy, Acton Academy, and others).
  • BONUS: 40+ pages of companion worksheets, templates, and activities inspired by what the speakers are using in their classrooms.
  • BONUS: Unlimited access to an exclusive forum where educators share their tips, tools, and knowledge.
  • BONUS: Audio files of each presentation so you can listen on the go.

In this on-demand course, you will learn:

  • New ways to empower your students to build their self-efficacy
  • Tactical tips to make growth mindset lessons part of your teaching routine and how to fit them into a busy schedule
  • Practical strategies to overcome fixed mindset challenges in your own teaching approach
  • How to transform feedback into a tool that motivates students
  • Concrete ways to measure the effectiveness of a growth mindset curriculum in the classroom.

Coffee Enema Course

Coffee Enema Course

Coffee enemas are an incredibly powerful tool that can be used in one’s wellness journey.

Bowel Health and Whole Body Health are Connected.

What do coffee enemas do?!

  • increase the flow of bile
  • increase glutathione production (the body’s most important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune modulating molecule)
  • stimulate detoxification
  • quench free radicals
  • clears the bowels of the impacted faecal matter that creates autointoxication

Coffee enemas are helpful for:

  • releasing constipation
  • clearing brain fog
  • lifting low mood
  • relieving migraines
  • supporting liver function
  • improving glutathione production
  • stimulating bile flow
  • improving recovery from infections like colds and flu
  • part of a gut microbiome healing and rebalancing program
  • part of a parasite elimination protocol
  • pain relief – headaches, migraines, period pain in particular
  • they also have a history of being used in situations like cancer for the purpose of pain relief

9v9 Veggie Challenge

9v9 Veggie Challenge

The 9 day x 9 cup veggie challenge.
Sweep your gut, detox your cells, improve your energy. Starts Monday 28th August 2023.

This isn’t your standard detox.

We’re not asking you to cut anything out – just to add more of the good stuff in!

9 cups of veggies a day, for 9 days.

That’s it.

Yep, you can have your cake – and eat it too!

Gall Bladder Flush

Want to help keep your gut, liver and gallbladder happy and healthy?

Doing that helps give you more energy, better metabolism, better nutrient absorption and better gut function. Wins all round! With all our processed food, stressful environments and exposures to environmental toxins our liver has to work overtime these days.


The Gallbladder Flush (with included 9V9) is a guided month of preparation for you followed by a weekend liver and gallbladder flush.

This isn’t your standard cleanse.

And it’s as much about what comes ‘out’ of us as what goes ‘into’ us. (If you can pick up what we’re putting down here?!)

Kids Immunity Course with Helen Padarin & Heidi East

This course was originally developed to help get your kids through winter minimising the need for antibiotics, pain killers, fever medications and steroids. Little did we know that a global event would take place, making having a resilient immune system more important than ever!

The medications prescribed to children for infections, allergies and asthma attacks are all important life saving medications, however they tend to be HEAVILY over prescribed. These classes of medications have a strong impact on gut health, the gut microbiome, the liver and our longer term ability to have a resilient, regulated immune system (think prevention of autoimmunity and cancer, for example).

Imagine if your kids didn’t need to be medicated so often.

Imagine if there was less need for doctor visits, days off school.

Imagine fewer sleepless nights and less worry about your child coming home sick from daycare or school.

What does having a resilient immune system mean?

  • Reducing the frequency of infections
  • Reduced severity of infections
  • Faster recovery from infection
  • Better / more complete recovery from infection (no lingering post viral syndrome, for example)
  • Reduced occurrence of asthma, eczema, hay fever and allergies.

For the longer term it means:

  • Reduced risk of many types of cancers
  • Reduced risk of developing autoimmune diseases (now in pandemic proportions)

What’s fascinating is it’s not only your immune function that benefits from having a resilient immune system.

There are so many body-wide benefits too, for example:

  • Less ADD / ADHD
  • Clear up brain fog
  • Better moods
  • Better behaviour
  • Better sleep

Why do we see mental, emotional and behavioural benefits from regulating our immune system? Because there are actually more immune cells in your brain (called micro-glia) than there are brain cells! YEP!! Crazy huh! When immune cells are overactive, they can cause agitation of neurons / brain cells and that’s one way that immune function impacts your kids brains (and yours too of course!).