Kids Immunity Course with Helen Padarin & Heidi East

This course was originally developed to help get your kids through winter minimising the need for antibiotics, pain killers, fever medications and steroids. Little did we know that a global event would take place, making having a resilient immune system more important than ever!

The medications prescribed to children for infections, allergies and asthma attacks are all important life saving medications, however they tend to be HEAVILY over prescribed. These classes of medications have a strong impact on gut health, the gut microbiome, the liver and our longer term ability to have a resilient, regulated immune system (think prevention of autoimmunity and cancer, for example).

Imagine if your kids didn’t need to be medicated so often.

Imagine if there was less need for doctor visits, days off school.

Imagine fewer sleepless nights and less worry about your child coming home sick from daycare or school.

What does having a resilient immune system mean?

  • Reducing the frequency of infections
  • Reduced severity of infections
  • Faster recovery from infection
  • Better / more complete recovery from infection (no lingering post viral syndrome, for example)
  • Reduced occurrence of asthma, eczema, hay fever and allergies.

For the longer term it means:

  • Reduced risk of many types of cancers
  • Reduced risk of developing autoimmune diseases (now in pandemic proportions)

What’s fascinating is it’s not only your immune function that benefits from having a resilient immune system.

There are so many body-wide benefits too, for example:

  • Less ADD / ADHD
  • Clear up brain fog
  • Better moods
  • Better behaviour
  • Better sleep

Why do we see mental, emotional and behavioural benefits from regulating our immune system? Because there are actually more immune cells in your brain (called micro-glia) than there are brain cells! YEP!! Crazy huh! When immune cells are overactive, they can cause agitation of neurons / brain cells and that’s one way that immune function impacts your kids brains (and yours too of course!).

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