Oura Ring

Oura Ring

A really smart ring.

Meet the most innovative, stylish wearable on the market. Your Oura Ring tracks over 20 biometric signals, all from your finger.

Bark Parental Controls

Bark Parental Controls

Curious about how Bark works? Learn about our parental control features, including content monitoring, screen time management, and website blocking, and discover how they provide online safety for kids.

The Light Phone


Light was born as an alternative to the tech monopolies that are fighting more and more aggressively for our time & attention. Light creates tools that respect you. Objects that empower you to be your best self. Technology intentionally designed to be used as little as possible. Things that serve you, not the other way around.

Light was founded by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang, an artist and product designer who met in a Google experimental program in 2014. They were encouraged to make smartphone apps and taught on a deeper level how and why different products were being built and funded. It became obvious that the last thing the world needed was another smartphone app fighting for our attention. The interests and nature of these ad-driven platforms will never align with our actual quality of life.

Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Trampolines

“I always believed that as an engineer I should be doing things that benefit people. Engineering is taking the great forces of nature for the good and benefit of man kind. That’s one of the old definitions that we’re told in engineering school and I agree with that. “



From the initial crude concepts to the product we offer today, safety has been at the forefront for Dr. Keith

It is with Dr. Keith’s supervision, that Springfree® Trampoline continues to be the only trampoline that exceeds all safety standards. He also remains an active member in the role of subcommittee chair of American Society Testing and Materials (ASTM) committee F08-17 to improve safety across the trampoline industry.

Since inception, safety and quality in backyard play is at the heart of everything we do.

Circle DNA

Circle DNA

🙶At CircleDNA, we empower individuals with valuable health insights to live healthier and happier lives. We give everyone the power to be in control of their own health.🙷
-Danny Yeung, CEO of Prenetics

Actionable insights to jumpstart your health journey

Achieve your every health goal with information and insights provided by our tests’ comprehensive DNA reports. Discover your personalised path to losing weight, improving nutrition, or getting fit, and learn how you can optimise your overall well-being by uncovering how your DNA influences your stress levels, sleep, skin, behaviour, talents, traits, and more.

We are in a fight for prevention — not treatment

Our tests take preventive healthcare to the next level by helping you understand your inherited risks for cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, so you can take early action as necessary.

Know your carrier status, protect their future

Learn about any potentially carried health risks that may be passed on to your children, and make a difference inyour family’s well-being by ensuring you are as prepared as possible for this stage of your life.

Discover your roots and genetic traits

Our tests can highlight previously unknown information about your family history and ancestry. Take a deep dive into your DNA to understand more about why you are the way you are: your physical, personality, success, and behavioural traits can all be uncovered with just a single swab.

Peacelily mattress. Mother and infant resting in bed

Peace Lily Mattress

Peace Lily Mattress

Our natural latex mattress features 100% natural rubber latex, GOTS certified 100% organic cotton fabric and wadding, and adjustable firmness (medium or firm) when you flip the mattress. Contains 3 premium layers: no polyurethane foams or harmful materials are used.

pink and wooden ultrasonic vaporiser in a bedroom

Lively Living Aroma Dream Ultrasonic Vaporiser

Lively Living Aroma Dream Ultrasonic Vaporiser


Science, Advanced Technology and Nature unite to bring you the Aroma-Dream! The Aroma-Dream features five functions, all in the one compact and easy to use ultrasonic diffuser/vaporiser.

Cutting edge technology coupled with pioneering manufacturing and world-class designers brings you this quality diffuser to enhance your health, sleep and wellbeing. Both white light and LED Colour Therapy lights can illuminate your Aroma-Dream.

The changing lights can be set to flow through different colours, set to a specific colour, or completely switched off.

The Aroma-Dream will instantly purify, cleanse and refresh the atmosphere and create healthy negative ions to improve air quality. Negative ions are highly regarded for the health benefits they offer. The essential oils are easily absorbed, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy.

 Additional info:

  • 5 in 1 multifunctions
  • Operates up to 20 hours low mist mode
  • Optional timer function of 1, 3 & 6 hours
  • 400ml Water Capacity
  • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology
  • No heat source used
  • Auto switch off on low water level
  • Colour therapy/changing light, which may be set or switched off
  • White LED gentle ‘breathing’ light which simulates a relaxed human breath to assist calming
  • Compact, light weight ‘cube’ design
  • Natural oak wood-look base
  • White Matte Lid
  • Product size 13.6cm x 13.6cm x 14.8 cm
  • Mist dispersion covers 30-35 sq/m
  • Operates 2.4 million Htz/sec
  • Fill to line with water.
  • If using oils then they must be 100% Essential Oil.

5 in 1 multifunctions:
Aroma Diffuser:
The mist, produced by ultrasonic waves, releases the essential oils in their 100% purest form and is easily absorbed.
The ultrasonic waves create air moisture to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning. The mositure help to beautify and infuse moisture into the skin without any condensation. Unlike other humidifiers, these ultrasonic vaporisers and diffusers uses small quantities of water and will not create dampness.
Air Purifier:
The diffuser will release a large number of anions which produce electrostatic reactions with dust and impurities and in turn purify the air, removing allergens, stale air and odours.
Through advanced ultrasonic technology, negative ions are dispersed into the air which enhances health & wellbeing.
Night Lamp:
Colour therapy/changing light, which may be set or switched off.
White LED gentle ‘breathing’ light which simulates a relaxed human breath to assist calming

  • All Vaporisers and Oils on this website may contribute to wellbeing and health and they do not replace professional medical advice.
  • Please consult your healthcare professional.
  • Please choose carefully as opened or used vaporisers are non-returnable.
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Buzzy brush electrical toothbrush in a cardboard box with another unpackaged white matching toothbrush to the right

Jack N Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush (Version 2)

Jack N Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush (Version 2)

With and improved ergonomic shape and even better sound quality, the new updated version of the Buzzy Brush makes teeth cleaning even more fun!

The Jack n Jill Electric Toothbrush is a stylish musical toothbrush to make teeth brushing so much more fun! It has a very gentle rotary action and the toothbrush heads also contain super soft dupont nylon bristles.

All parts of the toothbrush heads are bpa, pvc and phthalate free and the hand is made from recycled and recylable ABS plastic. Replacement heads are available to buy in 2 packs (Please see the lick below).

To make tooth brushing more fun, the toothbrush plays a song for 2 minutes and then auto shuts off. There are three different types of audio, the song, a spoken track with instructions on how to brush your teeth and a silent mode.

The toothbrush comes with 6 bubble stickers so that you can match the characters to the rest of the Jack n Jill range.

The toothbrush uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Ages 3 +