2eHub Anne Jackson I have been counselling and advocating for and with the twice-exceptional young person for many years. These are young people who are gifted as defined by Gagne’s model of talent development but who also carry an identified disability. Currently I am completing my Doctor of Cognitive Neurodiversity and have been fortunate enough to specialise in the student who carries giftedness and ADHD in the same body. To engage with these wonderfully complex young people I use a combination of Narrative Therapy and ACT as the gifted student is highly likely to bamboozle a counsellor who uses a more directive modality. Such young people may become engaged in a verbal debate over all the reasons that change cannot happen or that change requires others to do something but not them. The result is that many twice-exceptional students will fail to achieve their potential and or become involved in risky strategies to deal with their distress. My passion is to engage such young people on a journey whereby they can become the author of their life story. Being gifted yet disabled is an oxymoron that doesn’t have to be a disaster.

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  Citylife ADHD Support Groups are an Illawarra (NSW) based support group that provides education, support and encouragement to families in the Illawarra affected by ADHD and associated disorders.   They meet on the Last Friday of every month at 10.30am at Citylife Church 129 Jardine St Fairy Meadow. Their ADHD support group works to support families affected by ADHD or associated disorders. They provide information about ADHD, follow the latest research and aim to give a balanced view on controversial issues. Their key role is to support families by providing education to families and our community and encouraging families living with ADHD. Click here to Join the Facebook page and to learn more.        

 Family Support /  New South Wales

Coral Tree Family Service Coral Tree Family Service is a NSW state-wide tertiary referral service that aims to assist children and their families experiencing significant difficulties with mental health, behaviour, emotions and relationships. Many of the children Coral Tree sees have long-standing difficulties in their home, school and social environments. Coral Tree offers intensive programs for families with a child 12 years and under. A referral can be made when responses to primary and secondary intervention has not brought desired outcomes. Examples of primary and secondary interventions are as follows: Primary service: May include local community programs run such as parenting programs (e.g., 'Tuning into Kids', Triple-P parenting) and early intervention programs (e.g., Brighter Futures). This may also include involvement from local GPs, paediatricians, and school counsellors. Secondary service: A community team or private practitioner/s, providing specialist mental health intervention for children and youth with severe and complex mental health problems and their families, such as Child & Adolescent/ Youth Mental Health Services (CAMHS/ CYMHS). All services are provided in the context of the child's family system, and so, all members of the household are active participants at Coral Tree. We work closely with local services and clinicians as these practitioners will...

 Family Support /  New South Wales

The Dalwood Spilstead Service provides multidisciplinary health, education and support services for vulnerable families. They also offer help to those who are in stress or experiencing difficulties in the care and parenting of their children in the early years. The Dalwood Spilstead Model is unique in its ability. It provides a holistic and integrated approach to the needs of vulnerable families and “at risk” children. All services for both parents and children are provided under one service umbrella and from the one team. This enables maximum engagement with families and ensures optimal co-ordination and consistency of service delivery. ​The service is currently available to 90 families, with all families being offered access to an extensive range of programs from which they can design their own service plan ​Referral to the service is through a health professional.        

 Family Support /  Sydney

EarlyEd is an early intervention service for children and their families, delivering all the services they need including speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, behaviour support and special education. For over 40 years, as a not for profit organisation, Early Ed have been supporting families across Northern and Western Sydney. Our teams have specialised early intervention skills as well as discipline specific skills to help them assess, set goals and provide interventions that will support the child as a whole as well as their family and community. Our teams of intervention staff work together with families, preschools and childcare to find ways to support children to be ready to learn. Early Ed plan and deliver support in ways that meet the individual needs and interests of each child and family. By creating a team around each child with their family, we take a holistic approach to support, prioritise areas needing support and then work side by side to achieve the best outcomes. For the young child Early Ed has professionals who specialise in supporting early development, inclusion in preschool and transitioning children to school. A team of professionals also specialise in supporting the needs of school-aged children at home, in the community...

 Family Support /  New South Wales

CATHOLIC CARE – FAMILY REFERRAL SERVICE Links you and your family with services to help with: Child and parenting programs Counselling and mediation Domestic violence Financial assistance Referrals to homelessness services Mental health support Migrant and settlement Youth support … and many other services you may need. Cost: Free All families and single young people Northern Sydney Region

 Family Support /  New South Wales

From Here to Next Emmalee Pepar I am a parent of a now 18y/o son with ADHD. I used EFT Tapping to help me cope with the challenges of parenting an ADHD child and also with him directly. It is an excellent tool for regulation and calming the Nervous system. I am now a qualified EFT Tapping practitioner and one of my areas of practice is helping parents process their experience of parenting a child with ADHD, and also working with the kids themselves to give them some tools to help them calm themselves, sleep more easily and process the challenges of being different.

 Family Support /  New South Wales

We help gamers and their families find a healthier relationship with gaming Our mission is to bridge the gap between gamers, parents and professionals through education and intelligent gaming strategies. minimize compulsion and escapism by building resilience reduce the conflict around gaming at home develop self knowledge and a greater sense of fulfilment learn how to play intelligently and sustainably. We focus on the initial 1on1 mentoring session to relate to the gamer and get the ball rolling. The family can then take the path of the mentoring package or a join a group program Parents are encouraged to start on the parents page to choose from one of three different age groups: 7-11, 12-17 and 18+ We also have a specialized group for gamers with an ASD diagnosis.   Click here to find out more        

 Family Support /  Online

Joan Caelli is a child psychologist and play therapist with over 10 years’ experience working predominantly with neurodiverse children and families. Joan works from the social model of disability using a neurodiverse-affirming practice framework to support the achievement of an individual’s goals, including offering support to parents, schools and working within a multidisciplinary team structure creating collaborative individualised care plans. Joan is also passionate about supporting professionals in this area including ND professionals, around self-care and workload planning, through peer supervision and formal supervision 1:1 and group.

 Family Support /  Queensland

Junaya Family Development Services works proactively to engage with the targeted population groups and the wider community. It has developed a family friendly environment in Blacktown that ensure all individuals and families are treated with respect in an atmosphere that is non-judgmental, accepting, and valuing diversity. The services they offer are: Case management Parenting programmes Children and youth support programmes Click here to find out more        

 Family Support /  New South Wales

KYDS help young people understand, and manage, difficult issues in their lives. We do this by providing easily accessed, personalised counselling and mental health support services, family counselling, and early intervention well being workshops and information events. We ensure issues such as grief, loss, family break ups, friendship problems, school and study stress, addictions, risky behaviour, anger, bullying, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use, body image concerns, mental health concerns, self harm and suicidal thoughts do not overwhelm young people. Counselling Services for Young People We provide easily-accessed counselling, provided by approachable, non-judgemental professionals, at centres in Lindfield and Hornsby. We work with young people for the long haul, to help them understand the difficulties they face, and guide them to a position where they can effectively cope with those issues on a daily basis. No formal referrals from doctors or school staff are needed to see a KYDS counsellor: simply ring the main office in Lindfield (02 9416 0900), provide some background information and an overview of the situation, and one of the team will get back to you to arrange an initial appointment. Family Counselling Support Sometimes, the issues young people face impact their wider family, or our...

 Family Support /  New South Wales

Lynn Ng Acorn Psychology Lynn Ng We complete assessments in line with the Practice Guidelines, for children and adults. We utilise a model of care to support our clients with CBT based skills, while working on rebuilding self-esteem and sense of self. We also work with functional supports around executive function.

 Family Support /  Victoria

CATHOLIC CARE NAREMBURN + NORTHERN BEACHES FAMILY CENTRE Our Family Centres are located at Brookvale, Naremburn, Waitara and on the Central Coast at Tuggerah. Each centre provides a range of family and parenting services that directly address family wellbeing, parenting, relationship skills, and early childhood development. We work in partnership with other organisations and agencies and refer families as needed. Family Support                                                Couple, Child and adolescent counselling, Family and Individual Counselling Meditation and Family Dispute resolution                              Northern Sydney Woman’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service Disability Support Financial Counselling Parenting Groups and supported playgrounds Youth Services  Cost: Free  

 Family Support /  New South Wales

Relationships Australia – Northern Beaches Centre Client Liaison Officer: Jade/Alisa The Northern Beaches Family Relationships Centre offers a range of services and programs to help strengthen families at all stages of their life. We offer individual, couple & family counselling services, parenting mediation services for families going through the process of separation and we run a range of group educational and parenting skills programs. Family Relationship Centres Family Relationship Centres provide relationship support services nationally. There are 65 Family Relationships Centres across Australia, managed by a number of different organisations including Relationships Australia. What is a Family Relationship Centre? A Family Relationship Centre is a place where families can access information and advice on: building and strengthening relationships early intervention and prevention services child-friendly services for families in conflict family dispute resolution services parenting plans re-partnering and stepfamily arrangements information and referral to other services. Family Relationship Centres offer a range of services and programs to help families at all stages of their life including people starting relationships, those who want to make their relationships stronger, people with relationship difficulties and families who have separated. The Centres encourage separating parents to maintain a strong focus on the needs of their...

 Family Support /  New South Wales

Siblings Australia offer support for siblings of children and adults with chronic conditions. This includes disability, chronic illness and mental health issues. Siblings can often be overlooked, which can lead to feelings of isolation. If this continues, children can become vulnerable to a range of emotional and mental health problems. However, if siblings are acknowledged, and connected to sources of support, they are likely to become more resilient and family relationships are likely to be stronger. Siblings Australia aims to create connections between siblings, parents and siblings, and between families and professionals. Their focus is on strengthening families. They offer information and support services for siblings of people with chronic conditions, through increasing awareness, understanding and skills. The Director, Kate Strohm, has been asked to present workshops for parents and professionals all over Australia, in Italy (4 times), Scotland, England, US and Canada. The professional workshop can also include training in the Sibworks model for peer support for siblings aged 8-12 years. This blog provides some reflections of a workshop by a parent. Click here for more info about Siblings Australia  

 Sibling Support /  South Australia

Stress Strainer is an advisory service guiding parents and children to appropriate services to suit their individual needs. Stress Strainer remains connected and commits to an ongoing connection. Stress Strainer is based on a system. Stress Strainer teaches  people strategies to understand social and emotional learning in a positive way. Stress Strainer assists parents and children to lead healthier lives and have healthier relationships. Stress Strainer measures and then manages adversity and focuses on processes and strategies. Contact: Wendy O’Hanlon

 Family Support /  New South Wales

CATHOLIC CARE – WOMEN’S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COURT ADVOCACY SERVICE (WDVCAS) A free and confidential service that provides support, advocacy, referrals and information for women experiencing domestic violence. We help women and their children with information about domestic and family violence, and how to get protection from the court. We see clients before, during, and after court. Cost: Free   

 Family Support /  New South Wales

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