2eHub Anne Jackson I have been counselling and advocating for and with the twice-exceptional young person for many years. These are young people who are gifted as defined by Gagne’s model of talent development but who also carry an identified disability. Currently I am completing my Doctor of Cognitive Neurodiversity and have been fortunate enough to specialise in the student who carries giftedness and ADHD in the same body. To engage with these wonderfully complex young people I use a combination of Narrative Therapy and ACT as the gifted student is highly likely to bamboozle a counsellor who uses a more directive modality. Such young people may become engaged in a verbal debate over all the reasons that change cannot happen or that change requires others to do something but not them. The result is that many twice-exceptional students will fail to achieve their potential and or become involved in risky strategies to deal with their distress. My passion is to engage such young people on a journey whereby they can become the author of their life story. Being gifted yet disabled is an oxymoron that doesn’t have to be a disaster.

 Sibling Support /  Victoria

Siblings Australia offer support for siblings of children and adults with chronic conditions. This includes disability, chronic illness and mental health issues. Siblings can often be overlooked, which can lead to feelings of isolation. If this continues, children can become vulnerable to a range of emotional and mental health problems. However, if siblings are acknowledged, and connected to sources of support, they are likely to become more resilient and family relationships are likely to be stronger. Siblings Australia aims to create connections between siblings, parents and siblings, and between families and professionals. Their focus is on strengthening families. They offer information and support services for siblings of people with chronic conditions, through increasing awareness, understanding and skills. The Director, Kate Strohm, has been asked to present workshops for parents and professionals all over Australia, in Italy (4 times), Scotland, England, US and Canada. The professional workshop can also include training in the Sibworks model for peer support for siblings aged 8-12 years. This blog provides some reflections of a workshop by a parent. Click here for more info about Siblings Australia  

 Sibling Support /  South Australia

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