Fay Karpouzis BSc., Grad DC., MSc (Hons) - ADHD Alternatives Fay is a retired health professional and a former researcher in Paediatric ADHD.  Most importantly, she is a loving mother of two daughters, one of whom was diagnosed with ADHD 25 years ago. She has coupled her personal experiences as a mum, with her clinical and research experience to create a series of evidence-based children’s books, called “But why…?”   This series includes important lifestyle activities that are designed to enhance the lives of children with and without ADHD.  These books are filled with simple, practical and fun ways to inspire both parents and children to make healthy lifestyle choices together. Fay is available as a public speaker for talks about ADHD and healthy lifestyle choices  to schools, community centres & private groups. Fay is the author of the ‘But Why Series' - evidence-based children’s books which provide stories about healthy lifestyle activities for children aged 4-8 years.

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The Learning Difference Convention - Jillian Zocher, Director The Learning Difference Convention is an annual conference in Sydney and Melbourne, linking delegates to support networks, teacher training, resources, research, authors and  information, all relating to learning differences. Neurological differences are to be recognised and respected as any other human variation. These differences can include those labelled with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum, Tourette Syndrome, and others. The Learning Difference Convention recognises that a systematic, explicit and multi-sensory approach to reading is essential and that early intervention is key. Whilst we provide FREE resources to assist with reading, we recognise that dyslexia is more than just a reading difficulty and that dyslexics have varying needs, relative to their individual strengths and weaknesses. This unique event allows us to share the plethora of information, whether it be reading, writing, spelling, co-ordination, concentration, auditory processing, mathematics, study skills, organisational skills, self-esteem difficulties, anxiety, social skills, behaviour, technology, visual processing, nutrition and more. The event allows you to ask the necessary questions, meet the experts and support groups and try out loads of resources. The event has triggered a healthy debate, resulting in increased awareness, increased action, increased support, whilst inspiring unity between organisations and institutions. The LDC offer support...

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  Our mobile and web apps and the advanced software platform that supports them, empower individuals and carers to manage all aspects of prescription medication use. Our apps are intuitive and easy-to-use, with a user experience (UX) that simplifies the complex job of managing multiple medications, potentially for multiple family members. Behind-the-scenes our cloud-based medication records and data connections to pharmacies and other HCPs are extremely advanced, with automation that reduces the need for manual configuration by pharmacists or individuals.

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Did you know a hidden side effect of many prescription drugs is loss of essential nutrients like B12, iron, magnesium, probiotics and zinc?  Some of the biggest culprits are common, daily medications! This drug-driven malnourishment can lead to further health issues down the road, including anemia, compromised immunity, digestive issues and heart disease. Which is why it pays to stay on top of your nutrient levels when taking medication with Mytavin.  Type in your medication into the Mytavin website and hit “calculate” to uncover hidden nutrient deficiencies post-medication. From there, you may choose to take that information to the next level by testing your specific nutrient levels, or start a custom supplement regime to protect against losses.  

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The Brave Program The BRAVE program is an online program that provides teenagers and their parents with information and skills to help cope with worries and anxiety. If you are a teenager who worries about things then you will find The Brave Program useful. Parents of teens who worry or suffer from anxiety will also benefit. There are two self-directed programs available: one for teenagers aged 12 – 17 years old and one for parents of teenagers aged 12-17 years old. You can do the programs individually or you can do them at the same time as your parent/teenager.

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