The Authentic Happiness Website A University of Pennsylvania website developed by the Positive Psychology Centre. Dr Martin Seligman is the Director of the Centre, and a Professor of Psychology at Penn. The purpose of this website is to provide free resources where people can learn about Positive Psychology through readings, videos, research, opportunities, conferences, questionnaires with feedback and more. There is no charge for the use of this site. If you would like to take the questionnaires, you first need to register. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. This field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of work, love and play. The mission of the Positive Psychology Centre at the University of Pennsylvania is to promote research, training, education and the dissemination of positive psychology.

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Beautiful Minds Beautiful Minds tackles the tough topics, bringing them to light so our youth feel empowered, educated and supported throughout their often-challenging journey of being a teenager. Today, Marina and her team of 85 expert educators, deliver workshops to thousands of Australian teens and adults each year. She has received both national and international press for the success of her business and the impact she has on the community. This year, Marina was interviewed by The Washington Post, selected as a world leader in the youth space. This year, Beautiful Minds educated 1.5 million school students through their school diary content. The Beautiful Minds content has the approval of the Australian Education Department with content being gifted to 3.5 million parents through an online school diary. As of 2019, Beautiful Minds will be available worldwide through our series of online programs and regular events hosted in Australia and the US. Beautiful Minds is Australia’s leading brand in peak performance and mental fitness for kids aged 8 - 17. Our world-class coaches give children a tool-kit to deal with overwhelm, which often leads to PTSD and trauma. Our sole focus is on optimal wellbeing and true mental fitness. We offer...

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Bounce Back Program First published in 2003, BounceBack! (3rd edition) is a fully integrated whole school social and emotional learning curriculum program promoting sustainable mental health, wellbeing and resilience for students and teachers.

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Calm App is the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, with over 50 million downloads and over 700,000 5-star reviews. Calm App is an Apple BEST OF 2018 award winner, Apple's App of the Year 2017, Google Play Editor's Choice 2018, and to be named by the Center for Humane Technology as "the world's happiest app".

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  Chilled and Considerate Parent Bootcamp Delivered by Dr Einstein, the Parent Bootcamp is a 90 minute, online course intended to help you understand and alter responses to worry and uncertainty. The program does not timeout, so stop and start as you please, allowing time to pause and reflect. ​Through a series of exercises, audios, and videos, this course will provide techniques to handle you and your children's worries. You will reflect on how, and why, you have developed your natural response to uncertainty, and later, be given the tools to change it. Additionally, the exercises will allow you to assess how others in your life, i.e., partners, children, etc., respond to uncertainty and how their responses may differ from yours.  

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Dminder  Enter dminder, an app for your iPhone/iPad that tracks the Vitamin D you get from the sun. The sun is by far the best source of Vitamin D, and dminder allows you to optimize levels based on your location, body type, and time of day, all while making sure you stay safe by warning you of any risk to your skin getting burned. All of these features are available for FREE. There's also a paid version of dminder ($1.99), that provides the additional feature of letting you track your Vitamin D levels over time.

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EPIC (Empowering Parents In Crisis) EPIC (Empowering Parents In Crisis) is a NFP Organisation led by parents with lived experience of teens in crisis. EPIC was founded in 2021 as a result of the isolation and powerlessness experienced when parents and carers were faced with young people facing mental health challenges including ADHD or choosing challenging behaviours. EPIC is a safe, non-judgmental community building support platform offering peer-peer support, education and sharing through an inclusive cultural lens. EPIC acknowledges that it is a frightening, lonely and very worrying period for parents/carers and families when their child is facing challenges. Our team seeks to support community recovery and capacity building for parents/carers and families of young people by providing a supportive community that is focused on well being and connectedness.

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Fay Karpouzis BSc., Grad DC., MSc (Hons) - ADHD Alternatives Fay is a retired health professional and a former researcher in Paediatric ADHD.  Most importantly, she is a loving mother of two daughters, one of whom was diagnosed with ADHD 25 years ago. She has coupled her personal experiences as a mum, with her clinical and research experience to create a series of evidence-based children’s books, called “But why…?”   This series includes important lifestyle activities that are designed to enhance the lives of children with and without ADHD.  These books are filled with simple, practical and fun ways to inspire both parents and children to make healthy lifestyle choices together. Fay is available as a public speaker for talks about ADHD and healthy lifestyle choices  to schools, community centres & private groups. Fay is the author of the ‘But Why Series' - evidence-based children’s books which provide stories about healthy lifestyle activities for children aged 4-8 years.

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Global Neurodiverse Families Sarah Devotion Garner I help neurodivergent people and families, especially those not living in their home countries, transform their lives and thrive through ADHD coaching, education, and advocacy.  Neurodiversity describes the idea that the ways that people’s brains work cause them to experience and interact with the world around them in many different ways. There is no one ‘right’ way of thinking, learning, and behaving, and differences should not be viewed as deficits. What helps young people with ADHD the most is having an accepting, supportive person in their lives. I want to help parents be that person for their own kids, and also for themselves - especially if they have a late diagnosis. Together, we will work to develop and increase your self-discovery, self-awareness and acceptance, identify existing barriers to reaching your individual or family goals (educational, personal, professional), and create strategies to remove those barriers and instead build bridges to support you to make progress and enjoy life's journey as you accomplish your goals.

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Kaiko Fidgets Australia Joanne & Kai Seymon Kaiko Fidgets are made by Kai, who is autistic, dyslexic and has high anxiety. He started making fidgets for himself and soon realised there was very little available suitable for teens and adults. I am his mum, and an Occupational Therapist & also autistic and have ADHD.  Together with Kai we have created & sourced designs to suit an extensive range of sensory needs.  They are super cool & discreet, making them suitable for both adults & kids to assist with mental health, anxiety & focus. We have some that assist with picking & harm minimisation (spikey range),  rhythmic stimming (hand rollers and his chain fidgets) and soft soothing (caterpillar & caterpillar necklace).  I am happy to chat through any of the range to match to your specific needs.  Kaiko Fidgets are cool, discreet, quiet and durable.  There is so little that is socially acceptable which is how our range has developed over time.

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The Learning Difference Convention - Jillian Zocher, Director The Learning Difference Convention is an annual conference in Sydney and Melbourne, linking delegates to support networks, teacher training, resources, research, authors and  information, all relating to learning differences. Neurological differences are to be recognised and respected as any other human variation. These differences can include those labelled with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum, Tourette Syndrome, and others. The Learning Difference Convention recognises that a systematic, explicit and multi-sensory approach to reading is essential and that early intervention is key. Whilst we provide FREE resources to assist with reading, we recognise that dyslexia is more than just a reading difficulty and that dyslexics have varying needs, relative to their individual strengths and weaknesses. This unique event allows us to share the plethora of information, whether it be reading, writing, spelling, co-ordination, concentration, auditory processing, mathematics, study skills, organisational skills, self-esteem difficulties, anxiety, social skills, behaviour, technology, visual processing, nutrition and more. The event allows you to ask the necessary questions, meet the experts and support groups and try out loads of resources. The event has triggered a healthy debate, resulting in increased awareness, increased action, increased support, whilst inspiring unity between organisations and institutions. The LDC offer support...

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Little Tick is passionate about supporting families to foster positive development and learning in the home. We aim to promote individual educational opportunities using our interactive resources to support wellbeing, behaviour and healthy development for children and young people. We specialise in licensed Boardmaker visual resources including routine charts, visual timetables, wellbeing, emotional regulation, behaviour support resources & lots more! Little Tick Creations is an Australian family run business. We are team who have professional qualifications and many years experience in Social Work, Education and Special Needs Education. Our resources are user friendly and support social and emotional development, positive behaviours, independence, confidence and healthy relationships. Find out more here          

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Lives in the Balance Lives in the Balance is the non-profit organization founded by child psychologist Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the empirically supported Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) approach and New York Times bestselling author of the influential books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings.  Our vision is to foster collaboration and empathy, transform lives, and inspire change for all children (especially the most vulnerable), to heighten awareness of the detrimental and counterproductive effects of punitive interventions, and to address the systemic issues that impede our progress. The mission of Lives in the Balance is to provide vital, accessible resources and programs to caregivers of behaviorally challenging kids; to bring the plight of these kids into the public consciousness; to address the systemic issues that cause many of these kids to slip through the cracks; and to promote parenting and disciplinary practices that foster the better side of human nature in all children. Our efforts are organized around the following initiatives: Open Access: Through our Outreach initiatives -- which include this website, our radio programs and Facebook groups, and our annual Summit -- we ensure that parents, educators, mental health clinicians, and staff in restrictive therapeutic facilities have easy access to vast resources on the CPS model at little or...

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  Our mobile and web apps and the advanced software platform that supports them, empower individuals and carers to manage all aspects of prescription medication use. Our apps are intuitive and easy-to-use, with a user experience (UX) that simplifies the complex job of managing multiple medications, potentially for multiple family members. Behind-the-scenes our cloud-based medication records and data connections to pharmacies and other HCPs are extremely advanced, with automation that reduces the need for manual configuration by pharmacists or individuals.

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Michaela Launerts Educator, Speaker and Author Michaela has extensive experience in Secondary Education in Australia. Having identified a strong link between the motivation to succeed in school – leavers and a strong set of social skills, she developed programs to help people and flourish personally and professionally. From there she has developed courses that redefine where the bar is set regarding basic manners, professional conduct and social etiquette. Michaela offers a bespoke education, training and consulting service in addition to her books and tailored programs for young people and professionals. The interactive and educational approach provided, promotes an environment that is conducive to enhancing confidence across an array of social situations. To Make Enquiries:

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My DNA We combine your genetic analysis with global, peer-reviewed evidence to deliver the tools you need to manage your wellness goals. Our tests can cover everything from discovering your body’s unique needs and responses to nutrients and exercise, empowering your doctor to manage the impacts of prescription medicines, helping you slow down skin aging or enjoying personalised meal and fitness plans based on your DNA and lifestyle. For any enquiries, please contact:

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Did you know a hidden side effect of many prescription drugs is loss of essential nutrients like B12, iron, magnesium, probiotics and zinc?  Some of the biggest culprits are common, daily medications! This drug-driven malnourishment can lead to further health issues down the road, including anemia, compromised immunity, digestive issues and heart disease. Which is why it pays to stay on top of your nutrient levels when taking medication with Mytavin.  Type in your medication into the Mytavin website and hit “calculate” to uncover hidden nutrient deficiencies post-medication. From there, you may choose to take that information to the next level by testing your specific nutrient levels, or start a custom supplement regime to protect against losses.  

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Sandcastles Sandcastles: A Quiet Space For Parents & Children Reconnecting You With Your Children In A New Way An Online Portal Designed To Support Your Family & Help Your Child Embrace Greater Calm, Resilience & Joy. Owner: Hi, I’m Tami Roos PhD. There has never been a more important time to manage your stress as a parent, and help your child overcome anxiety and feel deeply connected to themselves. I would like to invite you to my new online community called ‘Sandcastles’: a quiet space to support you and your child from 4-12 years old. A place for you to reconnect with yourself and embrace new ways to support your child’s mental health and wellbeing. In a series of gentle step-by-step meditations and video guides, you will feel empowered to create greater resilience, courage, creativity and hope as we navigate the flow of life. By becoming a member today, you will discover how to create your own peaceful ‘sanctuary’ at home for you and your children, gain instant access to a world of resources for you and your child, and regular live webinars from leading experts in children’s wellbeing development and spiritual head

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Smiling Mind is a unique tool  - a meditation and mindfulness app - developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life.

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Smiling Mind award-winning SEL focused schools program offers a world leading approach to building healthy minds, engaged classrooms and equipping a generation of young people with skills they need to thrive in life.

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The Brave Program BRAVE  is an online, psychological program for the treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety. The Program was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Queensland. As a result, the Program is based on actual research evidence, and parents can rest assured their child is receiving a high quality treatment program. BRAVE is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the most effective method for overcoming anxiety in children and teenagers. Around 80% of children are free of anxiety after completing the therapist-assisted, BRAVE-Online Program. BRAVE  can be completed in your own home, at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. You can also have a BRAVE Trainer help you through the program, someone who works with you to overcome your anxiety. They will email you each week, and even talk to you over the phone during the program. Available online to help children (8-12) and teenagers (13-17) cope with anxiety.

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The Dip is run by clinical psychologists wanting to support families change the screen-time dynamics at home in the most helpful way possible. We realise this is tough – and changing limits can trigger some big emotions from all family members. We have launched a COVID-19 Screen-time Initiative to support parents. It is comprised of tips sheets, brief videos (explaining the role of devices in social connection and how to come alongside your child) and a free Zoom support group, running once a month. If you would like to receive these resources and/or participate in the group, please join up via the website.    

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