Fay Karpouzis BSc., Grad DC., MSc (Hons) - ADHD Alternatives Fay is a retired health professional and a former researcher in Paediatric ADHD.  Most importantly, she is a loving mother of two daughters, one of whom was diagnosed with ADHD 25 years ago. She has coupled her personal experiences as a mum, with her clinical and research experience to create a series of evidence-based children’s books, called “But why…?”   This series includes important lifestyle activities that are designed to enhance the lives of children with and without ADHD.  These books are filled with simple, practical and fun ways to inspire both parents and children to make healthy lifestyle choices together. Fay is available as a public speaker for talks about ADHD and healthy lifestyle choices  to schools, community centres & private groups. Fay is the author of the ‘But Why Series' - evidence-based children’s books which provide stories about healthy lifestyle activities for children aged 4-8 years.

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Kaiko Fidgets Australia Joanne & Kai Seymon Kaiko Fidgets are made by Kai, who is autistic, dyslexic and has high anxiety. He started making fidgets for himself and soon realised there was very little available suitable for teens and adults. I am his mum, and an Occupational Therapist & also autistic and have ADHD.  Together with Kai we have created & sourced designs to suit an extensive range of sensory needs.  They are super cool & discreet, making them suitable for both adults & kids to assist with mental health, anxiety & focus. We have some that assist with picking & harm minimisation (spikey range),  rhythmic stimming (hand rollers and his chain fidgets) and soft soothing (caterpillar & caterpillar necklace).  I am happy to chat through any of the range to match to your specific needs.  Kaiko Fidgets are cool, discreet, quiet and durable.  There is so little that is socially acceptable which is how our range has developed over time.

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