Psychology and Living


Psychology and Living

Peter Pacey

Peter Pacey studied Psychology as a mature age student at the University of Queensland. He obtained his initial Bachelor of Science degree in 1987 and graduated as a Bachelor of Science with 1st class honours in the field of Psychology in 1988. He began a Masters in Organisational Psychology in 1989 as a part time student while he worked in a private consultancy and was also engaged in part time research in Cognitive Psychology at Queensland University.

Peter has been a practitioner for over 20 years helping people manage and re-skill from anxiety and depression, OCD, OCPD, Eating Disorders and other Mood Disorders and has worked with individuals experiencing trauma, grief and loss and at risk of suicide. He is also highly practiced using skills in facilitating relationship issues and conflict resolution and in debriefing.

Peter designs and uses his own person-centered processes, modifying them to meet the individual needs of specific clients so that services can be tailor made to each person’s circumstance. Much of his approach is based upon experiential learning principles and also integrating mindfulness and other meditative techniques into everyday living. He has worked with a wide range of clientele ranging from individuals to couples to families and young people through to the elderly.

Peter is available for consultations most weekdays.

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