Rethinking Adult ADHD: Lessons from “Procrastivity” and Self-Mistrust

Rethinking Adult ADHD: Lessons from “Procrastivity” and Self-Mistrust with Russell Ramsay

“Procrastivity” is a particular type of procrastination. It involves avoiding a high-priority task by doing something else that is productive, but not as urgent or important, which is ultimately self-defeating. However, “procrastivity” tasks offer clues for reducing procrastination on priority tasks that are particularly useful for adults with ADHD. Similarly, even though no one “thinks” themself into adult ADHD, living with ADHD in adulthood affects thoughts in important ways. Dr. Russell Ramsay will review important lessons learned from “procrastivity” and outline insights about the role of thoughts and beliefs in managing ADHD in adulthood, which are important themes in his most recent book, “Rethinking Adult ADHD: Helping Clients Turn Intentions Into Actions.”

About the presenter:

Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., ABPP is co-founder and clinical director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program where he is professor of clinical psychology in the department of psychiatry. Dr. Ramsay is widely published and has written five books on the treatment of adult ADHD, most recently Rethinking Adult ADHD (2020, APA). His Adult ADHD Tool Kit has been translated into Spanish, French, and Korean and is a recommended self-help book of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

Dr. Ramsay is a board-certified in cognitive-behavior therapist. He has presented to audiences around the world and virtually on the assessment and psychosocial treatment of adult ADHD. Dr. Ramsay is an inductee in the CHADD Hall of Fame.

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